Sunday, December 25, 2005

American Culture: Just a Tad Over the Top?

Whenever I come back to the States, I always see things in a bit of a different light. The first time the German was here, he read all the signs from the airport to the house. It was the first time that I realized how many fast food restaurants there are in the U.S. "McDonalds . . . Burger King . . . Target . . . KFC . . . Best Buy . . . Pizza Hut." Try it sometime you would be surprised.

Last night we went to a Detroit Pistons game. It was the first NBA game for both of us. It was 3 hours of pure American culture stuffed in your face relentlessly. There was flashing neon advertisements, a drum line, a marriage proposal on a jumbo screen, half-dressed cheerleaders, a race between a dognut, coffee and bagel (I can only imagine that it is really funny when you are stoned), and loud music. Oh, yeah, there was also a basketball game, but I don't think that many of the people were there for the game.

The German and I were totally overwhelmed. It was difficult to take it all in. A serious case of jet lag did not help. When I compared the NBA to the German National Soccer League (which is the sport in Germany), German soccer has none of this. No cheerleaders, no music, no half-time show. However, they do have drunk, beligerant fans. I suppose everything is a matter of preference.

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Anonymous said...

Personally, I've always been intrigued by the fans who go shirtless in 20 below weather. I doubt seriously that body paint is that warm. Still, I would argue that consumerism and sports fetishism did collide in one beautiful apex: the wearable cheesehead. Not only a symbol of the Packers but a jaunty hat as well :-)