Thursday, December 29, 2005

The Blind Leading the Blind

An actual excerpt from our 14 1/2 hour odyssey today:

Claire: Honey, I have to go the bathroom. Can we turn off at this rest stop?

German: No problem.

The car exits to the rest stop. Both passengers are confronted with a big blue and white sign which provides the following information:


German: Which way do I go?

Claire: Right

German: Really? (while turning to the Right)

Claire: NO! Right! (while wildly pointing to the Left)

The car drives past the bathrooms and back toward the highway.

German: Good lord woman! Don't you know your right from your left??

Claire sits thinking and then turns to the German with an arched eyebrow.

Claire: Hey! You saw that sign, too! I may not know my right from my left but you can't read!

(150 miles later. Claire is driving. She changes lanes with a jerk. The German grabs the arm rest.)

German: Could you please watch what you are doing!

Claire: It wasn't me. It was the wind.

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Anonymous said...

Ahh the mythicized road trip with a loved one. I say chalk it up to a success if a)you were able to avoid tossing his clothes out the window and b)you are still on speaking terms. I tried a roadtrip with someone I was involved with once. My therapist tells me I'm almost recovered:-)