Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Bowl Me Over

Yesterday the German and I survived the Day After Christmas. Our day involved two typical American events, and I am happy to say that after it all we are still married.

The day began at 5:45am. Because of this wicked case of jet lag we have, we are still falling asleep at the dinner table and waking up at an ungodly hour. I decided that because I was up, I might as well go to the mall for after Christmas bargains. The German said, "Honey, maybe I should come. I could be fun." It could be . . . in some parallel universe where husbands do not complain about how much money their wives spend and where wives do not yell at their husbands because they drive too fast. Actually, it was fun . . . for the first three hours. We strolled through the mall. There are small birds living in the mall and we fed them pieces of our bagel. The German dubbed them "Mall Birds," a special species that can no longer survive outside an air conditioned environment and can only eat crumbs from Starbucks. We found some bargains and saw some crazy mall walkers. But then I got grumpy and the German had to go to the bathroom. It was time to go home.

I should say that I have been back in the States for just over 4 days, and I went shopping on 3 of them. I never want to go shopping again. (My mother just dropped dead from shock when reading the last sentence.)

Fortunately, we did go home, had some lunch and took a nap. We slept just long enough to head off with some of my family to the next event of the day - The Motor City Bowl. It featured a classic clash of the titans: Memphis and Akron. After the glory (or not) that is the NBA, the bowl game was a bit subdued. There was a lot less advertising and the music was quieter, and people actually seemed to be watching the game. I love, LOVE football so it was fun to go. The German also enjoyed himself. He is a little scary with the random knowledge that he possess. "Wasn't that a screen pass? The quarterback is rushing I think? Shouldn't the coach use up more clock?" Seriously, he was impressive. We watched a really great running back, DeAngelo Williams, from Memphis. Check out where he goes in the draft.

As we all poured out of the stadium, food was the next item on the agenda. Unfortunately, my evening took a turn for the worse. I will lightly skip over the details, but it involved me being sick, but I was not vomiting. I will leave it at that. We walked to the best Chicago style pizza place in Detroit. They have fantastic pizza there. I hit the bathroom, and came back as everyone was ordering. I almost ruined the moment for everyone else because I decided to eat salad. The thought of that deep crust dough just did NOT agree with my stomach or bowels. I sat in the corner a little uncomfortable through most of the meal and made periodic pit stops. The rest of the family enjoyed the pizza though. Seriously - it is good pizza.

I was a little disappointed because you cannot get Chicago style pizza in Germany. Part of my pilgrimage back home always involves eating my favorite foods. But I suppose that it was that indulgence that led to my illness. Although I wanted to walk back to the car because I thought the fresh air would do me some good, I was out voted by the family (bad Detroit neighborhood and all).

When we got home, the German and I had a little tiff. I was not feeling well and he thought I was being pissy. It is true, I get very grumpy when I do not feel well. We are still trying to figure out how to handle each other in these situations. However, I figure that because we survived the day after Christmas at the mall, a college bowl game, and Claire's illness, it was a pretty good day for our marriage.

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