Friday, December 30, 2005

Cheap or Expensive

It is time for a round of one of my favorite games: cheap or expensive. Because I have doing an absurd amount of shopping since being in the states, I get to once again observe where things are the cheapest. I tried to figure out a pattern to this, but cannot see one. Leave a comment if you have any ideas.

Food: U.S.=expensive Germany=cheap

Wine: U.S.=expensive Germany=cheap (In fact the German refuses to pay more than 5 Euro for a bottel of wine, anything else is too much. The first time he did this I laughed. I have stopped trying get him to spend more. Now I just peel off the price tag when I get home.)

Gas: U.S.=cheap Germany=expensive (If you think gas in the U.S. is expensive, I saw it at $1.99 a gallon in Kentucky, go to Europe. We pay between $4.00 and $5.00 a gallon.)

Computers/Laptops: U.S.=cheap Germany=expensive (This is all relative I suppose, but overall Germany is more expensive.)

MP3 Players: U.S.=WAY expensive Germany=cheap (I really cannot explain the difference between the price of laptops and MP3 Players.)

Blue Jeans: U.S.=cheap Germany=expensive (Would you pay over $100 for Levi´s? I would not.)

Movies: about the same. Hollywood will charge you and arm and a leg for crap anywhere. Can someone explain to me why there was a need for "Cheaper by the Dozen 2?" After seeing the first one, I thought, "Now there is 2 hours of my life I will never get back."


Anonymous said...

At the risk of forever muddying my reputation as a cinophile, I actually enjoyed Cheaper by the Dozen. I thought it was fun, if not predictable, family fare. But then again, my IQ has taken a beating in recent years......

I think I may have a theory for you, though not one based on anything more than two hazy thoughts strung together. I think all those reports that Americans are fat and lazy may have some validity to them. That would explain why food and drink are so expensive. We have disposable income and are willing to spend it to gorge ourselves. Conversely, we like to eschew walking in favor of hopping into our cars. Gas has to stay semi-low otherwise we would have to move more and that would cause a riot.

Moving onto MP3 players. They have developed a certain trendiness which means that more can be charged. Once Paris Hilton and her ilk move onto some other gizmo prices will decrease. Blue jeans? Still a mystery.

yeah keep in mind this insightful bit of analysis comes to you after a long night of work and a few beverages.

Claire said...

I agree. These are good theories about the price of gas and food. It is interesting however, that the price of food is higher here in the U.S. but highest percent of overweight people are poor.

As for Cheaper by the Dozen . . . All I can think is that I need another beer for that movie.