Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The Long and Winding Road

The German and I are just heading out on the 2nd phase of our American Christmas bonanza. Phase 2 involves an 850 mile track from Detroit to Charleston, SC. This seems completely normal to me. Because my family is scattered across the U.S. and because of my far off college choices, I am used to traveling far to see the ones that I love. My German-in-laws think I am completely insane. Basically, the German and I are do the driving equivalent of Bremen to Italy. Although Germans do not mind traveling, it is not something that is done that often. Overall, Americans are much more willing to drive long stretches to do something than Germans would. Hence, a German would find a 1 hour commute crazy an American thinks that it is normal.

I do hate the long drive, especially in the dark. However, I am taking the morning shift and the German the mountain shift. Together, we will get there . . . Eventually.

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