Tuesday, January 31, 2006

And they are off!

The Academy Award nominations were announced today. You can read about them and vote on them yourself here. I was surprised and not surprised by several things. Just remember to never forget how boring and predictable the academy can be!

1) I was not surprised by all of "Brokeback's" nominations. However, I think it will only take screenplay, director, and best film. But, I suppose that is enough, isn't it?

2) I was surprised but also not surprised by the number of nominations for "Crash." I was not surprised because several weeks ago I started reading about the campaign that the producers were conducting and sending out DVDs to potential voters. The Harvey Weinstein-technique is guaranteed to get you some nominations, if not some awards. I was surprised by the nominations because . . . well . . . I did not like the movie. I thought that it was too over the top and moved way to fast. Some of the characters could have been cut down and a few plot twists left out. Frankly, I thought it was "showy." Of the best movie nominations, Crash was the only one I did not predict. I went with "Walk the Line" instead. But like I said, I should have known that the campaign was under way.

3) I was not surprised by Russell Crowe's no show nomination. Sometimes I think the academy does not really like him that much.

4) I was surprised by William Hurt's nomination. WTF?? I guess I have to see the movie, but in all the reviews that I read about "A History of Violence," I don't remember seeing his name. He is this year's Alan Alda.

5) I think Philip Seymour Hoffman will win best actor.

6) I don't think my secret celebrity crush, Jake Gyllenhaal, will win, but I CANNOT WAIT to watch him in tux on TV.

7) I hope Catherine Keener wins for supporting actress. She is awesome. And sexy. And over 40.

8) I wish they had nominated Steve Carrel's original screenplay for the 40 Year Old Virgin. It was my favorite movie last year and I would have loved to see him win and congratulate his wife. When will the Academy learn to laugh? Laughter is good.

9) Who will win the battle between penguins and Enron? Who cares? Grizzly Man was better and directed by a German, but the Academy said that it did not qualify. I think it is a bias against German cinema (see the title of my last post).

10) That said, I was so happy to see a German movie, "Sophie Scholl: The Final Days," nominated as best foreign language film. A lot of WW II movies have come out in recent years in Germany. Der Untergang (Downfall) which was nominated last year, is better. Bruno Ganz plays Hitler in a way that you have never seen. During the Golden Globes this year, they played a clip of Anthony Hopkins's Hitler. I was like, "You have got to be kidding me!!" Rent "Downfall." Watch it in German with English subtitles (you have to, the acting is better that way). Be amazed.

11) Glad to see that Batman Begins got at least one nomination. I think people forgot about that movie. It stars one of my other secret celebrity crushes, Christian Bale.

12) How did Star Wars not get nominated for visual effects. WTF??? War of the Worlds but not Revenge of the Sith?? No way. Even the German thought it was weird.

That is all I can think of at the moment. Trust me, I am sure that I will think of more before the big day March 5. For those of you not interested, you should probably skip those blogs.

After looking at my comments, I realized that I watch entirely too much television.

I wanted to say more about the cool things going on in my life. The career stuff I actually cannot get into because I am afraid I will ginx it, and I am not sure I am allowed to talk about it. But I can tell you that the personal stuff involves a house. The German and I are contemplating building one this summer. Next week we have to go to the bank to see about a mortgage, which makes me feel old. I will keep you up-to-date on all the details.

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Anonymous said...

I think it is hysterical we both posted about the nominations. The worst part is I am just as bad come Emmy season LOL Okay a couple of random observations:

*I think you'll be surprised by William Hurt. I think he is an egotistical ass off camera and don't tend to enjoy him in anything. But in "History of Violence" he was very good. I would have loved to see Ed Harris in this group as well. Best film of the year in my humble opinion :-)

* I think Brokeback will take best film and screenplay but I think Ang Lee will be snubbed. Just a hunch.

*You've got to see Murderball. Documentaries are my favorite and this one has got it all.

*Man I was shocked by Crowe not making the cut simply because of the studio push. But I am beyond thrilled that Terrence Howard made it.

And moving on to real word happenings, the house sounds great. I swear sometimes I have to remind myself that I'm an adult. Despite the stress, I'd definitely recommend home ownership...especially if you have someone around who can handle the yucky stuff. I knew husbands served a purpose! :-)