Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Germans can do a lot, but they cannot do reality television

I am a lazy git. I admit it. I do have problems accepting it sometimes, however. Tonight I finished teaching at 8:00pm. As I sat in the car, I had two options: go to they gym or go home. What did I do? I went home, EVEN THOUGH I HAD A PACKED GYM BAG IN THE CAR. I feel like such a loser. Oh, well. But I am glad that I went home, because I once again able to observe Germany's television short comings.

Germany tries to be sophisticated by calling reality TV shows "docu - soaps." I suppose that "docu" might indicate some level of professionalism, but there is none to be found. Docu-soaps here are just bad, bad, bad. I think the problem is that they people who participate just don't get that into it. Perhaps Germans are more reserved than Americans or they are not exhibitionist enough. Despite this cultural obstacle, there are many docu-soaps on TV over here: The Super Nanny, Big Brother (they get a whole village here!), Frauen Tausch (wife swap), That's my Baby.

My favorite reality show in the States is The Apprentice. Yes, I have a favorite. I never claimed to be an intellectual, in fact I like my brain candy, thank you very much. I cannot explain my fascination with that show. Every time I hear that theme music (God, I love the O'Jays) I get positively giddy. I keep up with the show even here in Deutschland. Yahoo broadcasts about 10 minutes of the show and you can read summaries on Reality News Online.

They tried to bring The Apprentice here to Germany. It did not work so well. The first version was pulled after a few episodes, then it was reincarnated as Big Boss. Big Boss WAS The Apprentice: same music, same tasks, everything. No Donald though. They did have Reiner Calmund, who is well . . . big. It got through the season but has not come back. I suppose watching people get fired is not entertaining in a country where some places have over 15% unemployment. Go figure.

Anyway, I digress. As I sat down with the German (who is not 100% but is no longer in the bathroom every 20 minutes), I flipped on the TV. There is was. Germany's Next Top Model, staring Heidi Klum. Wow. Germany has some very thin women. It made my choice to go home and not to the gym look like a bad one. Did I watch it? You bet I did. While eating potato chips.

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