Friday, January 27, 2006

Just your typical Friday morning

Today we got up at a normal hour and I decided that since I have the morning free, I will go to the gym. I made some eggs in order to ingest some protein before I tortured my body. We sat at the table. Quiet. Coffee and eggs.

The German began to hum a song. What is that song?

Claire: Sweetie, I think that it is a little early in the morning for Black Sabbath.

German: Yes, you are probably right.

I actually made it to the gym. I saw Russian Drill Sergeant for the first time since December. I bow down to your superior abs. You are awesome. I even made it through the class! Although I am in a bit of pain.


Anonymous said...

Random question. Do you and your spouse speak German or English or a hybrid? Life's minutia intrigues me :-)

Claire said...

Good question. We speak about 60 percent German. But we often switch languages in the middle of a conversation, sometimes in the middle of a sentence. I may start in German and not know a word and so in the middle of a sentence I switch. He does this too now. We always seem to understand each other . . . most of the time.