Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Observations from . . . My couch

I was going to write my blog while watching the Golden Globes last night, but I quickly realized that I was too tired. All though I did stay awake for the whole thing and dropped into bed at 5:00am, I just did not have enough brain cells going to write anything. However, I read some recaps and some observations came flying back.

In Germany they only do red carpet coverage for the Academy Awards. I think that the Golden Globes would get more play here. After all, Germany is foreign and we do have press. While watching the show, I kept thinking about how I rely on the Hollywood Foreign Press for my fix of movie / celebrity news. I did get about 10 minutes of Nancy O'Dell before the show started. I remember her when she was Nancy Humphries and she did the local news in my hometown.

After Paul Giamatti did not win, I was a little upset. However, Clooney's win did make a little sense. His films probably were not going to win anything else during the evening, and so they wanted to be like, "George, we like you and you did good this year. We cannot give you anything else, so take the Supporting Award." Also, I hear that he is pretty good in the movie. However, Giamatti gets screwed again because of the fear of screwing someone else. Also, I thought Clooney's acceptance speech was lame and insincere. I could have lived with out that.

Rachel Weisz's win was also a bit surprising. However, once again I hear that she was good in the movie. Seriously people, they need to start dubbing movies and releasing them a bit faster in Deutschland. So, congrats Rachel, but tell your make-up artist to lay off the black eye liner. It does nothing for you.

There were many inappropriate moments and some things that were just plain not funny. Queen Latifah's salute to MLK was a bit hallow. Chris Rock was funny, but I really do not think Mary-Louise Parker thought so. Did you see her face during his comment about Snoop Dog being the only one watching her show!! Geena Davis's fake story about the little girl tugging her dress was funny, her "This is so lovely," sounded very insincere and so, "I am above all this."

Some speeches were good though. Steve Carell was hilarious (or his wife's speech was anyway). The 40 Year Old Virgin was one of the best movies I saw last year, and I always watch The Office when I am at home in the states. He is very talented, and I also find him strangely attractive. Hugh Laurie's pulling names out of the hat was also hilarious. And I was very touched by S. Epatha Merkerson. "I am 53, and this was my first lead in a movie." (Applause). "I would feel like a 16 year old, but I am in the middle of a hot flash." Also, Philip Seymour Hoffman was brutally honest when he said, "I got the role of a life time." Yes you did and you did good. Enjoy it.

Other observations: Was it just me or did Joaquin Phoenix look REALLY uncomfortable? Was it just me or was Hillary Swank REALLY thin? Someone give that girl a cheeseburger! Was it just me or did Marcia Cross NOT LOOK HAPPY when Mary-Louise Parker won? All of the other Housewives stood up, but not Cross. Was it just me or did Charlie Sheen look a little rough and / or sad? Is it just me or is Scarlett Johansson a total hottie? Also - the girl can act! Dude, where was Jake Gyllenhaal??? He is my current secret celebrity crush (tied with Joaquin Phoenix) and he got no TV time. Was he not there? (It is okay to have a secret celebrity crush. The German was into Kelly Ripa for a while, but now finds her too thin. He currently likes Jennifer Garner. I think he has good taste.)

I am getting a clearer picture of who I think will get nominated for what by the Academy. I will post my predictions on nominations next week. But for now, I am going to take a nap. I got four hours of sleep and then had to go teach English. Try teaching the present perfect on four hours of sleep. Good times.

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Mareike said...

Please let me know if you find out where Jake Gyllenhaal was that night. I asked my favorite (gay) co-worker David, and the lame response he offered was J.G. was not there because he was not nominated for any award... I am not convinced... Anyways, looks like we share this secret celebrety crush :)