Monday, January 09, 2006

Play Time (and Addressing Important Questions)

It is 11:58pm in Germany and I am wide awake. Two words - jet lag (or is that one?). So, I am playing on my blog a bit. I am trying to figure out the whole picture thing. Let's see if it works.

Wow! Look at that! That is the German and I on our wedding day, July 22, 2004. During the American Christmas Bonanza I got many comments on the blog from my family, well from those who read it anyway (which is not enough! Use some peer pressure people!). One of them kept asking, "Why do you call him the German?" Well, he is a teacher, and I do not want him to get fired for anything that I might say on this site. Plus, I think it adds a certain charm. But in case you are wondering, his name is Matthias. Isn't he cute?

Another comment I got from exactly two people. Both of my Grandfathers do not think I should use such bad language on the site. They think that such language is not becoming to a lady and that only "uneducated" people use such words. "You are better than that." Hmmm. I think part of this may be because my grandpas still see me as a six year old, which is okay. We see people the way we want to see them. But, I am not that young and while I might certainly have a lot of education, even I need to say s*** and f*** on occasion. Sometimes no other word will do. Also, I consider this blog a vent of sorts. It is a way to put out my thoughts and ideas and give the world my 2 euro cents, therefore I do not want to censor myself. I watch Survivor and the Apprentice and read People magazine. I may be "educated," but I am certainly not an intellectual. So, in the future I will put up the "Grandpa Warning" sign at the beginning of a post if there is bad language involved. If you are offended by those words, don't read it!

Anyway, time to play so more. God, I love the internet!

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