Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy Valentine's Day

The German laughed when he read my post Reason 179 That I Love the German. He asked, "What are the other 178 reasons?" Well, I am not sure that there are all that many, but in the spirit of Valentine's Day, I have decided to give it a shot.

Reasons that I Love the German (in no particular order)

1. Because he makes me laugh
2. Because he laughs at his own jokes, even when they are not funny
3. Because he laughs at MY jokes . . . Even when they are not funny
4. Because he loves and respects his parents
5. Because he loves and respects me
6. Because he looks TOO cute in his soccer uniform
7. Because he fixed my laptop!
8. Because he can cook
9. And bake fresh bread!
10. And I don't have to ask him to do it!
11. Because he mops the kitchen floor every time because he knows that I hate doing it
12. Because he loves being a teacher
13. Because he quit working at the bank to become a teacher in order to make a difference
14. Because he believes in helping other people
15. Because he almost always lets me pick the movie
16. Because although he doesn't buy me flowers very often, every now and again he surprises me with them
17. Because he admits that he is hopeless in the gift giving department, and thus always asks for help
18. Because he thinks I am a good writer
19. And reads my blog every day
20. Because he is a good kisser
21. Because he likes sunflowers
22. Because he always wears button-down shirts
23. Because he wears button-down shirts AND likes punk music (I can never put those two together)
24. Because he loves to travel
25. Because he cannot wait to be a dad
26. Because he wants me to be the mother of his children (somebody should really warn him about that)
27. Because he uses more hair products than I do
28. Because he is "gadget guy"
29. Because he loves my crazy family like it is his own
30. Because he scratches my back every night before I go to bed
31. Because he sits down and ATTEMPTS to watch award shows with me and asks all kinds of questions even though he doesn't know who anyone is and frankly could care less
33. Because he loves to try out new restaurants and food
34. Because he is, all-in-all, a pretty positive guy
35. but he tries to be realistic
36. Because he sings when he is working, even though he really shouldn't
37. Because he is kind
28. Because loves animals (even if he won't let me get a dog . . . we need to work on that)
35. Because he is totally devoted to his favorite soccer team (Werder Bremen)
36. and is depressed all afternoon when they loose
37. Because he has a totally cute nickname for me, which I will never tell
38. Because without me, he is helpless
39. Because without him, I am hopeless

And that's just a few of the reasons.

Happy Valentine's Day, sweetie.

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Anonymous said...

Ahh this is exceedingly sweet but not in a way that rots my teeth. If this holiday serves no other purpose than to focus our attention on loved ones, I say it is well worth it! This is a list any hubby would be proud of. I hope you two have a fabulous Valentine's Day!