Monday, March 20, 2006

Expat Bloggers in Germany are Sexy

Last Saturday during my day of nothing, I spent an absurd amount of time surfing the net and looking at blogs. I have started reading a new blog Alien Ted, an Australian woman living in Berlin. She is very funny and intelligent as she recognizes the genius that is the Wok WM. Saturday I had a thought. "There must be more English speaking Expat Bloggers in Germany." So I went looking.

And boy are there blogs! I am making a little list. This list is not exhaustive, but some of the ones that I found and thought were interesting. If you want an even longer, comprehensive list, then check Expat Bloggers.

I have to add a preface to this list. I do not consider myself an expatriate. I have not been banished and I do not live in exile. I did not leave the U.S. for philosophical reasons. I left for love, and I would still be there if it wasn't for the German. Rather, I consider myself an American living in Germany. I think the majority of people on this list would probably say the same. We all come for work or love (the women are usually the ones who come for love). I don't know too many people who wake up one day and say, "You know what? I want to live some where cool and exotic . . . I've got it! Deutschland!"

Anyway, happy reading.

American in Dusseldorf - An American in Dusseldorf. He is good because he recognizes the importance of a good Margarita and also has trouble finding them in Germany. I am jealous because he has found some. In Cloppenburg they think a Margarita is a pizza.

An American in Achen - An American in Achen. She has the best picture in her profile. I wonder if that is her cat? She has been in Germany 7 years! Today she wrote a really good post summarizing life in Germany. I am thinking of sending it to my parents to make them less afraid of visiting.

Foreign in Frankfurt - an American in Frankfurt. When I read his post on the Olympics, "Few things in life are funnier than making fun of white people." I laughed hysterically and then went on to read a really good post about "what is a sport." The German and debated that during Olympics, too.

German Joys - Another American in Duesseldorf. He is currently in Paris and I bet he thinks Germany looks pretty good now!

Germany doesn't Suck - An American in, well I could not figure that part out, but he has traveled a lot and has a public service announcement about expat bloggers in Germany. You are right, J, Germany does not suck . . . most of the time.

Greenhaddock - An Englishman in Hessen. He has an adorable daughter, the Juniorette. Scroll down and look at the picture of her reading the news.

Heisse Scheisse - An American in Darmstadt who is linked everywhere! And funny! The German and I talked about the name of her blog for 30 minutes. While he doesn't think "Heisse Scheisse" is good, he does say that "Böse Möse" is okay, but be very careful who you say it to!

Only in Germany - an American in Worfelden. I am totally jealous of because his fabulous new apartment! Well not so much the yellow bathroom.

German Diary - an American in Cologne who calls his son the "holiness."

Culture Shock and the Blonde Librarian - An American in Germany. Oh my god she has an awesome design and you can even change the themes! I choose daisies.

Dixie Peach - A woman from Mississippi in Magdeburg. Sweetie, you might not know where SudTirol is, but I cannot keep Oberbayern and Niederbayern straight.

Mausi - a Canadian in Hannover. Thanks for the comment, Christina!! Say it ain't so about the snoring? I called my mom in the States for advice, and she said the same thing. Sigh. Maybe earplugs?

My Expatriate Odyessy - An American in Bavaria, who has a lot of different stuff on his site and covers many topics. He is right on about his assessment German football. I get to hear all about this living with my football fanatic. Did you see Klinsmann on the cover of Spiegel this week?

Stringbean Abroad: the Xpatriate files - Stringbean is from Detroit, which is where my dad lives and makes her awesome (Go Pistons!) Read about the problem of paying for the pizza. I once had a similar experience.


J said...

Sexy? Me? No.

She? Me? No.

The vagueness of my location is intentional so that it doesn't show up on search engines. However, the bloggers I have met in person do know where I live.

Haddock said...

Thank you for the kind words about my daughter. I think she is adorable too! :)

Claire said...

I once read that one way to increase your traffic was to post pictures of naked women (note that the article I read said WOMEN not MEN). Well . . . I don't do that. But I thought I could lure people in with a title like "sexy." Pictures of children and animals also seem to help. I am sadly behind on both. Oh well, I think am happy with my 2 or 3 hits a day. My grandpa reads. You should watch for his comments. They are funny.

J said...

Hi Claire,

I'd appreciate it if you changed the 'she' to 'he' in the description of my blog. I'm definitely not a she.

James said...

Hi, Claire. Where is Cloppenburg, Germany? You know I am going to look it up now. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I will be checking your's out, too.

Claire said...

Oh my goodness! J, so sorry! I will fix it now. After reading your blog, I definitly knew that you were a "she." James, Cloppenburg is in the middle of no where . . . and to the right. Actually I should not say that as it is a county and county seat. Landkrise Cloppenburg and Landkrise Vechta (which is a golf swing from here) have the largest economic growth in Germany and some of the lowest unemployment . . . that is because there are more cows, chickens, and pigs than humans . . . I kid 'cuz it is true.

Claire said...

Dude! J - He. I swear my typos get worse the older I get!

christina said...

Thanks for the mention, Claire! Yes, we are all so very sexy. ;-)

I also am not quite sure where Cloppenburg is but will check it out.

And we've had many discussions about the term "expat" - it has sort of negative connotations, but I guess it's a sort of all-purpose thing to let people know that one "isn't from here". I've lived here for almost 16 years now and also came here for love and would definitely NOT have chosen Germany just for fun. :-)

Anonymous said...

I've been stalking you blog and enjoying all of the links. Reading everyone's perspectives makes me want to move abroad:-)

Oh and I wanted to pass this along. There is a growing cult of fanatics out there and in looking through their collection of goodies I found this:

I suggest donning your Jem shirt for full effect.