Tuesday, March 07, 2006

From the Domestic Goddess Files

The German has taken the words of Grandpa to heart, and is helping me around the house some more. Actually, I think he is more afraid that he will starve and die in a dirty house if everything is left to me. If it were up to me, we would have had frozen pizza every day last week. The German has always helped around the house, but now he does it without my asking and/or nagging. Mostly he cooks, vacuums, and washes dishes. The laundry remains my cross to bear.

So, tonight the German decided to do a bit of vacuuming. He hauled out our pre-historic machine and fired her up. A few minutes into the task, he stopped and sniffed. Then he turned to me.

Him: "What is that smell??" (sniff, sniff) "I think it is coming from the vacuum cleaner."

Me: "Oh, yeah, it is cinnamon."

Him: "Why does the vacuum cleaner smell like cinnamon?"

Me: "When I was baking cookies about two weeks ago, I knocked over the bottle of cinnamon and it broke."

Him: "And you vacuumed it?? Why didn't you use the broom and then mop?"

Me: "The vacuum cleaner was faster."

Him: "Yes, but now it smells like cinnamon when you use it!"

Me: "Well, think of it this way. At least now you will always think of Christmas when you vacuum. And you like Christmas. And you will vacuum more often." (sweet, innocent smile)

Him: (In dry, sarcasm) "Yeah . . . I don't think so."


Anonymous said...

Such sweet cunning my dear!

So I took the day off today and have been arbitrarily surfing the net and have checked out some of the blog links on your page. Good stuff! I particularly enjoy Ninja Poodles. And Cute Overload is one of my fave sites so you've got great taste!

And I did write a response to your entry about your new venture praising your new fangled web skills but alas, it seems to have taken a detour on the info highway. Okay now I must do something productive. I suspect it will involves a Windex/Coke hybrid :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey, Claire, you gotta empty those vacuums now and then.
In my opinion, you take those stinking oscars way toooo serious. That's just a makebelieve world out there in Holyweird. It's nice to know that you can listen to me.


The German said...

Hallo Grandpa!
You ´re right!
Hollywired is a place for people where they get money for nothing and have problems with everything.
I don´t like it when people say what is hip and whats is a flop. Anyway.
The Oscar is a price you get if you make a good film. But what about the people who make good work.......do they get a price? Does the streetworker gets a price when he put salt on the road during the wintertime. I don´t think so........there is nobody who says and the winner is.......Mr Butterbloom, the best roadcleaner is Westillinois!!!!
So Grandpa...you are right! Don´t take the oscar to serius..........think about the people who helps you everyday to make your life easier!
Best The German!