Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Getting to know you

I have been thinking about this post for awhile. Every time I visit a new site, I always visit the “things to know about me first” or “40 things about me” post. I like knowing things up-front, and these types of posts are easy and, more often than not, funny and interesting. However, writing a “things about me” post is not easy!

Think about it. Someone asks you to list the most interesting / noteworthy things about yourself. What would you say? It requires a bit of self-reflection, which can be good or bad depending on how deep you want to go.

Because I have had a few new visitors (hi ya’ll! I promise a real post tomorrow!) lately, I decided to finally write it. So, here you go . . . things to know about Claire (um . . . that would be me).

1. I actually like lists. I usually write a to-do list before I go to sleep at night. I always feel great when I cross off the last thing on my list for the day.
2. I have colored my hair since I was 15.
3. I found my first gray hair when I was 25.
4. I love my husband.
5. I sometimes wish I still lived in the U.S.
6. I can get pretty whiney sometimes, but all-in-all, I am happy with my life.
7. Nothing is better than Waffle House at 3:00 a.m. Nothing.
8. I like to try out different cocktail recipes.
9. I don’t like beer too much.
10. My clothes are boring. I came to that realization a few weeks ago, when I was putting away the laundry and noticed that all of my stuff is either stripes or solids and no wild colors.
11. I say the words “Dude” and “Seriously” way too much. Dude, seriously!
12. I believe in love at first sight.
13. I believe in God and say my prayers.
14. I almost never go to church.
15. I am proud of my public education.
16. I can be very stubborn
17. and controlling and impatient.
18. For example, I get angry if someone says they will call me at a certain time and then does not do it.
19. I used to have a crush on David Letterman.
20. I like the color blue.
21. I HATE the color orange.
22. My favorite book is Anne of Green Gables.
23. I can read a 500 page book in 24 hours.
24. I have a PhD but do not consider myself an intellectual as I
25. I love reality television
26. and trashy celebrity gossip magazines.
27. I do not have any children or pets.
28. I once killed bat with a broom. Don’t freak out. It scared the scheisse out of me at 3:00 a.m. and my cat would have killed it anyway.
29. My first tax-paying job was washing dishes for the university cafeteria.
30. To this day, that is the best job I ever had.
31. I know most of the words to too many Spice Girls songs.
32. I also know most of the words to many Billie Holiday songs.
33. I speak English and German and a tiny bit French.
34. I played the flute when I was in junior high school.
35. I own all 6 seasons of Sex and the City on DVD and I like to watch them when I do the ironing.
36. I don’t diet. I like food to much.
37. I only exercise because it is good for me and because I want to maintain my weight.
38. I think it is okay to eat ice cream for dinner.
39. I love daisies, tulips, irises and yellow roses.
40. I like my coffee with lots of milk – no sugar. I drink about 3 cups of coffee a day.
41. I have paid $300 for shoes. In my defense, they were black Italian leather knee high boots, so I thought I was getting a deal.
42. Most of the time, I feel like I have no idea what I am doing in life.
43. Most of the time, I don’t care about number 42. I sort of accept it and move on.
44. I have used the same perfume since I was 16; Beautiful by Estee Lauder. I once went shopping with a friend in college. She smelled the perfume at the counter and said, “Hmm. Smells like Claire.”
45. I get my best ideas when I am cleaning the house.
46. Unfortunately, I am a terrible house wife. I don’t clean the house often enough.
47. I would like to learn to play the violin.
48. I would like to see the pyramids before I die.
49. I like to go to art exhibits and collect the posters of the exhibit. I hang them in my living room.
50. I had a cat when I lived alone in grad school. I picked out the name before I picked the cat. Her name was Lucy, so that I could shout out, “Lucy, I’m home!”


Anonymous said...

I suppose now we all know you, right?
Wrong! I've known you most of your life, and I don't know you at all.
Is Banana Republic a hint?

Dixie said...

I love lists too. When I was a kid I read The Book of Lists over and over and over.

I've said it before somewhere else that making a list like this is sort of cathartic. Makes you really think about what you know about yourself and what you choose to reveal.

J said...

I also love lists and remember reading the Book of Lists like Dixie did.

I also enjoy reading about people, not just their blogs, and frequently read the 'about me' section after I find a blog I like. I've been working on my own '40 things' list.

Mike B said...

You had a crush on Letterman ??? Hmmm ...

Nice list. I wish I had the patience to list 40 things ... I lose interest after about 10, and I doubt they would make a Letterman top 10.

EuroTrippen said...

I still have a crush on Letterman! He ranks a distant second to Al Franken though.

jen said...

I love the lucy, I'm home. That Is fantastic.

good list!

christina said...

Letterman is totally hot.

I tried to make a list once but only got up to 15 things before I got distracted and wandered off to do something else.

Just another American Expat said...

Wow...That is a rather expansive list. Colored your hair since you were 15? My wife didn’t bother and let it go full gray at 36. But she looks good in Gray. I can’t say that for all women.

We know about the sometimes wishing to live in the U.S. part.

You like trying out cocktail recipes. Now that must be a hoot.

“I just tried a recipe for German Chocolate cake.”

“Yeah, I just tried this neat recipe for Lasagna. What have you tried lately Claire”

“Well, I have this great recipe for Long Island Ice Teas.”

Dude, I ‘m coming to your kitchen! LOL

matt said...

I have to disagree with the waffle house thing. We have a waffle house right up the road and an IHOP 50 miles away and yes sometimes I MAKE THE DRIVE. lol I don't get the Lettermans hot thing going on here. Don't get me wrong I like Dave but he never struck me as the most attractive fella. Ah the mysteries of the female mind.

Claire said...

Hi ya Grandpa! Maybe though you know me a little better? Maybe you should send me a list about you?

Dix' - I have never read that book. I will put it on my list (smile). I think your lists are pretty good!

J - I have read your 40 things list. You put a lot of thought in yours. Which shows that your a self-reflective, which is cool.

Yes, Mike, Eurotrippen, Christina, Letterman is the man. I had a picture of him in my college dorm room. I like a sense of humor in a man.

Jen - I would get another cat but the German won't let me. Sniff.

Expat - I am currently perfecting my margaritas. German Chocolate Cake is actually a really good cocktail! Yup, my kitchen is a fun place to be!