Wednesday, March 29, 2006

How I stay so down-to-earth

Today was a good day. A really good day. I went to a company and convinced them to take some English lessons. Although I was nervous as hell, I stayed calm and tried to have that, "We are the best," aura.

The meeting went really well. The people were super nice and the company is interesting and I am convinced that my partner and I will be able to help them reach their goals. As I walked to my car, the sun came out. It was beautiful and warm. For a minute everything seemed perfect. In fact, I was all, "I rock! I am the bomb!" I put on Fleetwood Mac really high, took in the sun and drove to my next appointment.

Then God was all like, "Yeah, Claire, don't get too big of a head." Then I read the signs wrong and took a wrong turn on the A1 and started driving to Osnabruck instead of towards Bremen. My little detour wound up adding 15 minutes to my drive and I was almost late for my next lesson.

There you go. Claire . . . the bomb . . . or a complete idiot. Perhaps a bit of both.


The German! said...

Mhhh Maybe a little bit of both!
You did great and I think it is not easy to make good business when you are new in business!
The sun will not shine every day but I hope it shines very very often for you in your new business......go ahead............"I rock! I am the bomb!"

Dixie said...

Heh! Even those who rock take the wrong exit sometimes!

J said...

LOL! This is so my life you're talking about!