Saturday, March 18, 2006

Move over Martha

My business partner, the lovely New Yorker, and I have rented some office space for our little language school. Right now it is not much of a school, but we do have a few customers. On the one hand, every Euro cent that we make goes right back into the business. On the other hand, at least we are breaking even right now.

Our office space is in an old bank which is now owned by the city. The city rents out office space at discount rates for new, small businesses. The rent is so cheap we could not pass it up. However, because the building is so old, we had to do some renovations ourselves. A few weeks ago the German and I painted the walls. Last week I finished painting the light fixture.

I think it turned out pretty good. On Monday the conference table and chairs we ordered are being delivered. I cannot wait! I will post a picture when it is in place.

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