Friday, March 17, 2006

Ode to Maggi

I have a pretty over active imagination, but when it comes to cooking I usually do not have a clue what to make. When I was single that was okay. I ate the same thing over and over. Breakfast: Special K or yoghurt. Lunch: turkey and cheese sandwich, apple, granola bar and pre-sliced celery sticks. Dinner: Frozen Lean Cuisine. As you can see, I am alse pretty lazy when it comes to cooking.

Now that I am married AND living in Germany, home to many Uber-hausfrauen who would put Martha to shame, there is more pressure. My life has been made easier by a discovery that German supermarkets have something that American supermarkets do not: Maggie Mix. Maggie Mix is pure genius. Basically it is just different mixtures of spices and sauce thickeners in little packages. But on the back of every package is a recipe for an instant meal.

My shopping goes like this. Enter supermarket. Go to Maggie corner (I must add that Knorr is an equally good brand, which they actually sell in the U.S.). Look at saliva inducing pictures. Pick the picture that looks most appealing that day. Read the back for the recipe. Buy needed ingredients plus either already made salad or frozen veggies (I told you I was lazy when it comes to cooking). Go home. 45 minutes later. Lunch.

Yesterday I made this:

Basically you mix hamburger meat with the spice mixture and throw in some Gouda and salami cut into cubes. You then place the mixture in a dish and cover it with frozen pastry crust. 40 minutes later you have this:

It was pretty tasty and the German was mighty impressed. I often miss "American" food, but I now swear by Maggi. I am convinced that it would be a huge hit in the U.S. Someone should really look into marketing it over there.


Anonymous said...

I NEED Maggie Mix as my diet now consists of virtually all frozen items with the occasional apple thrown in for good measure. And you should embrace your decidedly American lack of domestic skills. It will make you unique among the hausfrauen!

Anonymous said...

UGH, Phooey. That sounds just like Hamburger Helper, and just about as appetizing. An aside to "the German": as soon as I get a translation, I'll be replying to your note in your native tongue.

Claire said...

Actually it was more like a meat loaf or a fancy hamburger pie. It was much better than Hamburger Helper. Maggie actually makes a lot of veggie stuff, too. I made steaks with a Maggie broccoli/cheese/noodle casserole. I am going to go to the store and post a picture of the Maggie corner. You have to see it to appreciate it's majesty.