Thursday, March 30, 2006

The Pride of Cloppenburg

There are many reasons to visit lovely Cloppenburg. Today there is a new, even better reason. The women in Cloppenburg are hot.

Last night Germany chose its Next Top Model. The winner is the lovely Lena G. It turns out that Lena is from Cloppenburg!! The Next Top Model website lists Oldenburg as her home, but last night when they showed pictures of Lena at school, it was Cloppenburg. I can only imagine that they listed Oldenburg because it is bigger and no one knows where the hell Cloppenburg is.

As you can see from her picture (the picture is from the ProSieben website), Lena is very pretty. In fact, I predicted weeks ago that she would win. I find it a little hard to believe that she just turned 18!

The show is the talk of Cloppenburg today. I went into my office building today to get a few things. My office is on the same floor as Lawyer Guy and Media Man. I asked them if they thought this was an indicator that the women in Cloppenburg are more beautiful than others.

Lawyer Guy thinks that there are more women in Cloppenburg as a result of the high birthrate, and therefore, statistically you are more likely to find a beautiful woman here. I am not sure I buy that, but okay.

So there you go. Reasons to live in Cloppenburg.

1. Low Unemployment. Check!

2. Good Schools. Check! (this is after all the county seat of county Cloppenburg.)

3. High Economic Growth rate. Check!

4. Affordable Housing. Check! (just make sure you can get a loan!)

5. Smoking hot women. Double Check! (hey I live here to you know!)

6. Doesn't smell like manure . . . oh, man. We were so close.


christina said...

LOL! I think living in a place that doesn't smell like manure should be right at the top of the priority list. It smells where we live, but only sometimes. :-)

I heard about the model from Cloppenburg on the radio this morning and finally got out the road atlas and checked the exact location. Almost 16 years here and I had no idea it was in Lower Saxony. We're practically neighbours!

The German said...

Manure, manure, manure.....or sh..!
Cloppenburg has a lot of this stuff. It although has nice women! But what I try to get the relationship between manure and hot women! ^^...........

Dixie said...

I predicted she'd win too because she looks like a young Heidi Klum. And that dark haired one was scary looking.

Haddock said...

Cloppenburg sounds like the place to be :)

Just another American Expat said...

I refuse to watch that crap! I know I’m in an ever shrinking minority, but Top Model and the German version of “American Idol” have an adverse effect on my stomach. Wanna see hot women? Go to Italy.

But why am I talking about “hot “women” with a woman? I know….It’s a woman thing.;-)

Lisa said...

I came from a place that smelled like manure and I certainly wouldn't want to travel all this way to live in another. I lived downwind of a dairy farm for eighteen years, and on a summer day when the wind was just right it'd take your breath away, the combined odor of cow yuck and warm fresh milk.

I knew Lena was going to win too. She was a natural. I didn't like it when she smiled when the dark-haired one was kicked, but then she's still very young, and her sense of self-preservation must've been kicking in.

Mike B said...

My German instructor had this exercise where each person would name a problem they were experiencing and the next person would offer a solution ... so it went around the room and finally back to the instructor, who would give his problem, and then it would finish with me with my solution.

His problem: There are always a number of beautiful women / girls in his classes (I thought I had a hard life).

I had no answer, but it now occurs to me that I could have told him then to stay away from all you smoking babes in Cloppenburg.

Claire said...

Christina: You are right, smell should be higher up on the list. Although I kid about C-burg, I used to live in Inidana. There we got a wiff of the nearby ethanol plant. Are you in Lower Saxony too?? It is actually bigger than most people realize.

Dixie: Heidi Klum is beautiful. You a right I can see the similarity with Lena. I actually liked the dark haired girl. Mostly because I thought that she showed the most growth.

Expat: Don't worry! My husband has the same reaction. Italian women must be tiny! I went shopping last week and nothing fit and the sales woman told me that they were Italian sizes and that I would have to subjtract six. Ouch!

Haddock: It is a pretty happening place!

Lisa: I sometimes say that you can get used to the smell but your post proves me wrong. I think my problem is that I grew up in the 'burbs. Seriously, I still get excited when I see a cow close up. "Wow! A Cow!"

Mike: Ha (smile)! What did the women in the class say? What solution was offered?

German: Thanks for the comment sweetie! I am not sure what the relationship between manure and hot women is. I will think of a research design and we can go collect data.