Friday, April 14, 2006

The End (Lost Blogs: Part IV)

In a few hours I head out to the interview and I am on my way to meet my destiny. These are truly my last words! Catiline has challenged my honor, and now I must face the consequences of my actions.

I do not regret my remarks. Catiline is not to be trusted. Ever since he refused to step down during the election, it was clear to me that he would attempt to hold on to power at any cost. I could not let him win the governorship. And frankly, if someone asks me my opinion, why should I lie!

I have written that I will not shoot. However, I am not sure anymore. If I do not shoot then I will look like a coward. Also, it my tarnish my honor. I have worked to hard for my position in society. I will not let that position slip because of Catiline! Perhaps I will throw away my shot and only shoot at the trees. I have no doubt that Catiline will shoot. But I do not think I will be harmed. He is too clever. He knows that if I am harmed, then his career is truly over. Although he has no love for me, I know that he would protect his career at all costs.

But what if something should happen . . .

My life has taken so many turns since leaving the island. I climbed the heights of power and witnessed history. I saw battles and blood. I supported our new constitution. I handled the national debt wisely. I established the national bank. I founded the first party. For a "bastard," I have done well.

If I do not return, then I hope history will remember me. Perhaps my country will honor me by putting me on the currency. I hope that when young school children open their books and look up at their teachers, that they too will learn my name . . . Alexander Hamilton.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Congratulations to Expat , who figured it out first. So, now you know who it is. But do you know what events he was talking about? It may have been a bit obvious, but I hope you had fun reading anyway. Tomorrow I will tell you why I did this and about the clues that I left.

Now go visit the rest of the Lost Bloggers and read how you do it right! Most are going to be revealing themselves on Saturday and will tell you about their person. My fellow Lost Bloggers, I am looking forward to spending tomorrow catching up on all your posts.

Don't forget to check out Paul's Book!

The in-laws are about to come over, so now I need to go pretend that I can cook. Pretending to be Alexander Hamilton was easier!


H.F. Peterman/Minnesota Fats said...

Of course...Alexander Hamilton. Excellent writing. Enjoyed reading.

Karl said...

Wow, just goes to show you how ignorant I am. Very well done.

Just another American Expat said...

I think you did a swell (did I just type that word) job.

Seriously, your presentation was excellent, and the throwing in of certain present day links, brilliant. The historical comparisons were interesting.

It would have been a little more difficult for me had American history not been such a favorite (to the point of being geeky about it) subject of mine. So please excuse any over excitement that may have been shown.

As far as your remark about how we should go to some other Lost Blogs to see how its done right…you did it right.

Thanks for the tip. This has been great fun, and I certainly want to participate if it's done again.

Dixie said...

I loved this. You did so well!

Rabbit said...

You did a great job!

*lynne* (azlynne1972) said...

i of course had no idea who you were writing as, but hey, I had fun AND got educated at the same time - whoohoo that's a great combo :-) well done!