Saturday, April 01, 2006


In my never ending search for randomness, I present you the skateboarding dog.

Click on

Scroll down to the "Amazing skateboarding Pupitude"

If this is an indication of evolution, humans should be afraid. Very afraid.

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Anonymous said...

I keep trying to find something to comment on, and maybe this one is a stretch, but I think people doing un natural things with animals is some kind of perversion. And cats ain't cute, they are animals. Perhaps I could comment on home sickness, but my version on that subject is- This is my home, and I'm sick of it. As you can tell, I ain't got nothing to do this morning, except trying to murder the english language. This afternoon is our annual Spaghetti Dinner, and I will spend the afternoon and evening bossing folks around as I am the BOSS.
Miss you, Grandpa