Saturday, April 08, 2006

An Interruption in our Regularly Scheduled Programming

First, let me thank you guys who sent some good vibes to north Germany. Yes, it was a rough week, but I am sure next week will be better. I only have 5 lessons to teach next week and on Thursday I am going to sit my but on the sofa and not move all day!

I wanted to bring to your attention that my blog is going to be . . . different next week.

I am participating in a "Grassroots Blogger Book Marketing Campaign." Paul Davidson's book "The Lost Blogs: From Jesus to Jim Morrison" is coming out this week. Paul takes some pretty famous people and publishes "their blogs," if they had had one.

My mission, which I accepted against my better judgment, is to choose a historical figure and blog as that historical figure for one week. I cannot choose any of the individuals in Paul's book. I cannot reveal who I am. You have to guess. There are 38 other way more talented than me bloggers participating, including Belinda (aka Ninja Poodles). She is awseome. Go read her stuff. Seriously, do it now. I will wait.

Kevin organized this in order to promote Paul's book and I think to "challenge" the rest of us. Thanks, Kevin.

I have picked someone, but I am 90% sure someone else will "be" the same person. I am also sure you will figure it out on the first day. I decided to do this because I love anything grassroots. (Well maybe not grassroots movements to encourage people to wear orange pants). Also, I thought it might be an interesting writing challenge . . . damn, there I go thinking again! It always gets me into trouble.

Anyway, check out Kevin's post and go read the other blogs. Like I said, there are some good people out there! Also, check-out Paul's book at Amazon.


Mike B said...

Let's see, what character would a self-admitted polisci-geek assume ??? So many good ones ... can't wait to see the first entry.

Rabbit said...

I'm doing the campaign too. Yesterday I randomly clicked a handful of links in the Lost Bloggers blogroll and I SWEAR every site was owned by a professional writer. I feel somewhat out of place!

Mikey said...

Love the title of the posting. hahaha

Belinda said...

Crap. I am not only full of anxiety that my entries will SUCK, I am certain that although "my" person is someone dear to me, it's someone nobody else cares about, so NO ONE will guess! Crap.

Why did I agree to this?