Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Ode to Maggie, Part Zwei

About a month ago, I told you about the joy that is Maggi Mix. Grandpa was not too enthusiastic about Maggi Mix. He says it sounds like Hamburger Helper. It is soooo much better than Hamburger Helper, and I consider it my saving grace when it comes to cooking. No healthy or original meals here. If you want that, go see Christina.

In order to demonstrate the vast variety of Maggi, I took a picture of the Maggie aisle at our local Familia (think Wal-Mart, but less evil). As you can see, it has a lot to offer. Today I made a pasta, cheese, ham casserole with Maggie. I was really bummed because we went to the bigger Familia in Oldenburg about a week later and their Maggie aisle had a huge neon sign! Maggi's main competitor is Knorr, which is also very good. At our Familia, Knorr also has its own aisle.

Taking this picture was a stressful endeavor.

(The German is pushing the cart, and Claire stops to take the camera out of her purse.)

German: What are you doing??

Claire: I am going to take a picture of the Maggi aisle.

German: (looking at me like I am totally insane) WHY?

Claire: For my blog. Some of my readers have never seen a Maggi isle.

(This seems like an acceptable answer to the German. Clear looks up with sudden panic in her eyes.)

Claire: Do you think I could get in trouble?

German: (with sudden panic in his voice) I am not sure!

Claire: Well go look around the corner and make sure no one is looking.

(The German cranes his neck. He steps into the aisle).

German: All clear!

(Claire takes the picture and shoves the camera back into her purse.)

We live on the edge out here in ol' Cloppenburg. I think we may be ready for a bank robbery next.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

If the FBI, CIA or some other criminal investigating unit just read this blog, I SWEAR on my new sandals that we are not planning a bank robbery.


PapaScott said...
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PapaScott said...

In Hamburg they have a whole store devoted to Maggi, a "Maggi Kochstudio".

James said...

That is sooo funny! It is amazing. I have seen it in my local grocery store, too......Funny.

Dixie said...

I'm not a huge fan of Maggi mixes but I am a big fan of Knorr mixes. Some of their mixes overlap but I've always liked the Knorr ones better.

Knorr Sahne-Kräuter-Hanchen. I am addicted to that stuff. But I add a lot of white pepper and scharf Paprika to it when mixing it up.

I have always wanted to snap pictures while shopping but never dared. I mean my friends at home need to see the boxes of Choc Blop cereal at Penny Markt!

Anonymous said...

WOW!!! You're really living on the edge now. I ought to send you a picture of the way the local Pic 'n'Save looks after the remodeling is finnished. Maybe not though, you might get too jealous.
I always look forward to Fridays when it's time to do the weeky shopping. I wonder if Linda is aware of this blog. I'll mention it to her Sunday when I see them next.
I will agree with you about Hamburger Helper. It has been banned from this house for many years.

Love, Grandpa

christina said...

The Maggi aisle - LOL! And even more LOL at the look of panic in The German's eyes! :-) My husband has finally gotten used to me taking pictures of everything "for my blog".

I sometimes just go read the ingredients on the Maggi/Knorr stuff and then make my own reasonable fascimile.

Mike B said...

I can see you both furtively casing the Maggi aisle. You should look around for the security cameras and then wave at them before you snap the shot.

The Partnerin is growing more comfortable with me wielding my camera more often. I used to take the occasional snapshot, but now that I actually have a few readers I have had to consider getting more serious about it.

Expat Traveler said...

Claire this is so funny! That is a large maggi isle. I loved that brand but I don't think they have it here in Canada. There are a few things that I loved which I can't find here... Different market demand obviously...

We've started to do that too, although I've gotten husband into blogging so he does it also.. hehe I love havign a partner in crime!

Expat Traveler said...

p.s. Can I hope on the back of your bike and go with you??? I have yet to find bike trails here that I feel safe enough to ride at... Maybe that's a question for christina!

Just another American Expat said...

LMFO! The was a great read. I commend you for having the pluck to whip out the camera and take a picture in the middle of the store! A fine example of a dedicate photo journalist!

Mikey said...

Loved it.

Mike B said...

OK, here is where life gets bizzare. I went to German class tonight, and was immediately handed a Maggi recipe card to rewrite in Passiv.

Karl said...

Ha, you've got guts, girl. I don't think I've got the nerve to go taking photos in my grocery store. People would think I'm nuts. OK, people would *know* I'm nuts. Now they just suspect.

Haddock said...

We use both Maggi & Knorr in the Haddock household. I find they are bothe very good :)