Monday, April 10, 2006

Proving to the World that I am Indeed an Idiot

Dear Readers,

Claire here. You may or may not have noticed that I deleted my post from this morning (Monday). I was to participate in the Lost Blogs campaign this weekend. I did some research and had all of my posts lined up in my head. But then this afternoon / evening I realized that I violated the ONE most IMPORTANT RULE of this whole thing:

Don't "be" someone from Paul's book!!

After some positive feedback (thanks Kilax, Peterman, Lynne, Kevin, Karl, Groove Bunny, Nicole and Mikey), I began to think, "Wow. I had a good idea." I am not that confident in my writing sometimes, so I decided to back-track. Then I went back to Kevin's email. That is when I realized WHY it was a good idea.

Paul already used that person!!

I am so EMBARRASSED. I deleted my post and took myself out of the running.

I would also like to make a few apologies.

1. Kevin, I am so sorry! I support the campaign and will continue to have the links up all week. I thought I was okay with my choice until I looked more closely at the list this afternoon.

2. Paul, I hope I did not do something illegal! I am cannot wait to read your book as I am sure you did a better job with this "person" than I did.

3. To my fellow participants, I hang my head in shame. Seriously, I am doing that as I type this. You all worked hard on coming up with your own people, and I . . . well, I feel like I cheated. And that is wrong. I apologize to all of you.

I will continue to read everyone's posts in the Lost Blog campaign. If I work up the nerve, I will pick a new person and start again tomorrow or Wednesday, but clearly I am no longer in the running.

Finally, I am really BUMMED! I really thought I was onto something. I had my clues all laid out in my head and my cute "inside" jokes, and I was already writing "why I choose this person." I am my worst critic, and I feel like such a moron. I also imagine 40 other bloggers going, "That Claire is an idiot!" and sending bad vibes to Germany.

Hope you all are not too disappointed with me. My other "regular" readers (mom, dad, grandpa), don't worry I am not going crazy. I do think it was the stress of the past week.


PS I will not tell you who I "was." You will have to wait for Paul's book.


Jacynth said...

Oh no! Well, at least you can still play the guessing game and read all the others!

SJ said...

It's not too late! Can you come up with someone else? Even if it's not as elaborately prepared-for, you'd still get to play.

Karl said...

Great googly moogly! You're almost as bad as I am about berating yourself. It's no big deal, Claire. I'm sure you're not the only one who came up with someone covered in Paul's book.

I really hope you'll get back into this with a new person. I don't know that you're "out of the running" - for that, you'll have to check with Kevin. If you come up with 4 great days of entries...who knows?

Kevin said...

[my best Terminator voice]

She'll be back.

Mikey said...

You still can do it girlfriend!!! Give it your best try!! Hugs and Kisses. M

Jill said...

Oh gosh, now I'm paranoid and feel compelled to double-check to make sure I didn't do the same! Stop berating yourself. Why not give it a second try?

Lisa said...

*clueless* (as usual)

As long as I exist, you aren't the resident idiot. Take heart.

Rabbit said...

Make your first entry something like "I can't think of anything to post." Then catch up with everyone the next four days. I'm sure even historical figures got writer's block.

Rabbit said...

By the way, I am now TOTALLY paranoid that my histoblogger was on Paul's list even though I checked it at least half a dozen times.

groovebunny said...

I like Rabbit's idea. In California, you still technically have 3 hours til it's the 11th. :)

Mike B said...

Such a wonderful job of self-excoriation ... I think Germany is rubbing off on you.

I was feeling a little guilty because I have been travelling and my posts therefore have put the Lite into literature.