Sunday, May 14, 2006

Back in Germany

I got back from Poland late last night. Let me tell you, it was a lot of fun! Great friends, good weather, beautiful town, not much sleep.

I have many stories and tons of pictures, which I will spend the next few days sharing with you. However, I am a little tired right now and the work piled up on my desk while I was gone. (How did that happen!? I was only gone for 4 days!)

But I will leave you with this.

In my English classes, I often teach adverbs of frequency. I have my students practice by asking each other imaginative questions. I am really hoping to get this one this week.

Student: Claire, how often do you eat perogi in the Jewish section of Krakow with your Irish friends?

Claire: I almost never eat perogi in the Jewish section of Krakow with my Irish friends.

(Wawel Castle, Krakow)


J said...

Hi Claire, glad you had a great time on your first visit to Poland. Krakow really is lovely.

Mikey said...

Ok I am coming over there for a visit just to see the sights!! perogi....YUM!!

EuroTrippen said...

Can't wait to visit Poland... we hope to before the end of the year.

Haddock said...

Mrs H wants to go to Poland on the first of September!.....Nah! not really, just stoopid English humour! :)
Glad you had a good trip! :)

Claire said...

J: I totally get why you love Poland. The people we met were so nice!

Mikey: Plenty of sights to see! We are centrally located, and it is a shame that the German and I do not travel more. Yes, the perogi were lovely! I had meet with lentils and onion sauce.

B: After reading your post about the vacation day delimma, I hope you guys find the time. Dresden is not far from the boarder. Driving is an option, but I would not take a car into Poland.

Haddock: There is nothing stupid about a joke about vacationing in Poland. It is actually pretty nice - and cheap! Give it a go!