Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Good Friends are Hard to Find

After a lot of work, and a bit more sleep, I finally have the energy to write again. Monday and Tuesday I kept thinking about what I wanted to write. Unfortunately I came home from work yesterday with a migraine and feel asleep on the couch. I don't have to go to work today until 6:00pm, so I finally have time to clean the house, blog and go to the gym (not necessarily in that order).

Here is your cast of characters for the Poland trip:

Ch - Ard (AKA Chad, Peace Corps Volunteer Extrodinare)

Chad decided that he needed something different in life, so he quit his very good job in Green Bay and joined the Peace Corps. Yeah, I don't know what he was thinking. When I need a change, I cut my hair. They sent him to a small town in Ukraine, where the internet sometimes works and in the winter he wears his gloves while typing. Although it sounds like he is living with a really great family, I am not sure if the Ukraine is now at the top of the list of my travel destinations. I love Ch-ard. He is an inspiration.

The Married Couple (AKA Eimear and Brendan)

Eimear used to be a wild and crazy single woman, and then she met Brendan, a lovely guy who does the best impression of a German DJ. For someone who does not speak German, he has the perfect accent. They are the cutest married Irish couple you can imagine. The two of them have the patience of Job, as they bought a house and are now renovating it themselves.

The Crazy One (AKA Aoife)

Aoife is the one on the left. The is the only picture I have of her where she is sober and not pretending to kill Ch-ard (LONG story!). Aoife is my wild, crazy single friend. The girl is amazing. She works in finance, and in the evening she is go, go, go. We were at a bar on Friday. While I was literally sleeping in the corner, she was ordering another vodka/coke.

The five of us met up in Krakow last Wednesday. We rented an apartment in order to save money. Renting an apartment was a great idea. Ten people could sleep there comfortably and it was located in the heart of the old town. It had two renovated bathrooms, a new kitchen, and a washing machine. Ch-ard had not had a hot shower in months or seen a washing machine. I think we could of stayed in the apartment for 4 days and he would have been happy. Price for this luxury? 23 Euros per person per night.

Wednesday night, we went to the Mexican place next door. This is what a Polish person thinks a Margarita should look like. I was skeptical. It did not taste very good, but had enough tequila in it to get me tipsy.

I am planning two more Poland posts: Wawel Castle and Auschwitz. I have to work on my pictures and then I will post them to flikr. Take a look! I got some good shots.


Anonymous said...

you lunatic - I can't believe you put me on your blog!!!!! Thanks for the write up though. A

Mike B said...

Yes, my friends and family fear that I will give them blog notoriety. As for the Margarita, it looks a bit thin, but the only time I have had a good one here in Euro-land is when I make it myself.

EuroTrippen said...

Way to go chad!! My hat's off to anyone who gives up the good life to join an organization like the peace corps

Carrie said...

Come Sept 4th, you will have a real Margarita made by almost real Mexicans...and plenty of them (Margaritas, not Mexicans). And if you are really jonesing for Mexican, we can make some real Mexican food...mmmmm tamales, mouth watering....mmmmmmm chorizo......mmmmmm pork verde enchilladas.....ok, time for a Mexican lunch.