Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Monday was May Day in Germany, which is Labor Day for almost every country in the World in the U.S. I celebrated "the day of the worker" by, well, working. After lamenting this fact, the New Yorker (my business partner here in Germany) and I realized that we REALLY need a new teacher. We are not sure about how to find a new employee, though. So, I thought a would put a want ad on the blog and see if anyone has any ideas.

WANTED: Native English Speakers to teach English

The New Yorker and I are co-owners of CNC Language Network, a small language school, located in Cloppenburg, Germany. Although we opened in January, we are expanding rapidly and we (being the only current teachers) would like to offer more classes. However, we need teachers!

A native English speaker living in county Cloppenburg, Oldenburg or Vechta
College graduate preferable. Previous teaching experience not required, but also preferable. We will provide some teacher training and copies of our teacher's manual.
Good communication skills a must. Must like to work with people.

The Job:
Teaching English, mostly business English. Classes range from individual lessons to small groups (of about 10). Some classes will meet in our offices in Cloppenburg and others will take place directly at the company. All of our teachers are considered independent and thus are allowed to teach at other schools. However, our salary is competitive with other language schools in the area.

If you or anyone you know is interested, please contact me. If you know of someone thinking of moving to the area, let me know.

We are also looking for native speakers of French, Spanish, and Dutch.

Thanks for the help!


Karl said...

I'm going to have to pass but it's nice to know that there are other opportunities out there.

Mike B said...

Gee ... will you sponsor my Visa?

EuroTrippen said...

Trouble is... most native english speakers don't speak english very well. Ironic, isn't it?

J said...

How about hiring Juniorette?

Claire said...

Karl: If you know of anyone send them our way! Maybe you would like to come to the Stammtisch. We want to start around the end of May.

Mike: Don't know if I can, but would do it for an employee!

B: Definitly a problem! My English has actually gotten worse since I moved here.

Haddock: My partner teaches 3 year olds. Do you think the Juniorette could handle them? We also provide cake!

Expat Traveler said...

Claire... Funny enough that I would jump on the chance in a heartbeat if I weren't in Canada. I want to live in Europe but things keep me here, among other things my choice to do it for now (I'm convinced we will move eventually). I'm totally qualified with TEFL and all... Good luck finding someone - You could easily go to escape artist and probably get many inquires. or other online classifieds.

Lisa said...

Claire-dude, that is so cool. Good to hear things are going so well. Much continued luck to you!

Haddock said...

The Juniorette would love to be up north near her beloved Werder Bremen! - she would teach for cake and ice cream! :)

christina said...

Hey, *I* would teach for cake and ice crea. :-) Would you pay my train fare too?