Saturday, June 10, 2006


Last night the German and I watched the opening game of the World Cup with some friends and co-workers. Germany beat Costa Rica 4:2, but the headlines of the German papers focused primarily on the dismal defense. Unfortunately, when it comes to football, the German media can be a little fatalistic. I thought the Germans played well, and Mausi was convinced it was because of their very nice looking legs. She may not be wrong.

The best part of the game was that 3 of the German goals were scored by players from the German's favorite football club, Werder Bremen. Although I would have preferred a cocktail, we drank many beers to Werder Bremen last night. Sadly there were no reports of hooligans in the area, but a few of the cows did get a little rowdy.

My assimilation into German culture made a giant leap forward last night. Big D, a friend of mine and a football fanatic, lent me some of his gear to take this picture. I was even able to use German referee insults correctly. Assimilation, indeed.


Elle said...

Oh. My. Gawd. You scared me. I thought that was your real hair.

christina said...

Ha! Great "hair"! I got myself a black,red and gold feather boa but I haven't worn it in public yet. :-)

I think the Mexico - Angola game should be great. We watched Mexico win tonight and are now waiting to see if Angola will as well.

Haddock said...

It was also noted in the Haddock household that 3 goals were from Werder players. The Juniorette was wearing here German number 18 shirt with Borowski on the back. shame he didn't score as well. I think the Juniorette has a crush on him! :)

Btw - Nice hair. I had to have little German flags painted on my face! :)

Carrie said...

Um, you were talking about needing your American culture exposure and I am now making it a point to make sure you get it. omg! Wonder if Paris Hilton would wear that hair? Of course, I'm not sure she should be the standard.

Mike B said...

OK, now that's just scary.