Friday, July 21, 2006

Have you ever . . . (also known as: Things that don’t happen in C-burg)

Have you ever . . . (also known as: Things that don’t happen in C-burg)

Have you ever gotten on a bus after working on the hottest day of the year when a fairly normal looking man gets on the bus and sits down next to you, but you quickly realize that the man smells like bug spray, so you move over a little to get away from the smell, only to have him move closer to you and then fall on you when ever the bus jerks to a stop, so you stare out the window in order to escape the smell and “go to your happy place,” and as you stare out the window you notice a man standing on his balcony in his bikini underwear drinking a beer and who appears to be fairly well endowed, which makes you laugh out loud, and then the bug spray man begins to stare at you as if YOU are the crazy one?

No? Maybe it is just me.

The German is coming up to H-town for the weekend. Tomorrow is our wedding anniversary. Two years ago I made this most life changing decision. The thing I remember most about my wedding day was how calm I was, and how very certain that I was doing the right thing. This feeling has not changed.

Tomorrow is also the anniversary of the worst hangover I ever had. My tips for people about to get married: do not have your bachelorette party the night before your wedding and DO NOT let the woman who was known as the biggest partier in your sorority organize it. Don't worry, she is getting married in September and I am organizing her bachelorette party. Revenge will be mine! On the upside, I did learn that Mountain Dew is the hangover cure all.

The German and I do not have any special plans for the weekend. I just want to sleep, watch TV and go swimming. I am crossing my fingers that the hotel we found will have air conditioning, however I will not hold my breath.


hexe said...

Happy Anniversary! Enjoy the weekend! I had to laugh about "going to your happy place" - I thought I was the only one with a "happy place" :)

Dixie said...

Happy anniversary! Air conditioning or no, just enjoy it to the fullest!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary Clairechen! Just wanted to let you know that I was thinking of you guys yesterday! What a cute couple... that's what I was thinking :) Thanks again for letting me part of, not only your beautiful wedding, but also the bachelorette party the night before! I still have my boa!

Thinking of you often! Hugs!!!!


Mikey said...

Hi Claire guess who's on line again. I hope you and the German are doing fine.

Haddock said...

Happy Anniversary! I never realised Mountain Dew is a hangover cure. I haven't drunk that stuff in years :)

EuroTrippen said...

Hope you had a great, romantic weekend! With air conditioning!

christina said...

Happy Belated Anniversary, you two! Hope you managed to have a cool (literally!) weekend.

Beach Girl said...

Claire - A belated Happy Anniversary! Jay/Jas, your friend from undergraduate school is visiting me (her mommy) this summer at the beach. She is finishing a second master's next May. I now have a blog site and am beginning to get the hang of it. Have much to learn. Your blog is great. Jas is going to set-up a different blog for me to write and publish stories about the beach, etc.

Mikey said...

Happy anniversary to you and the German Claire.

Anonymous said...

Why aren't you blogging?? I'ts nearly been a week!!
How are you - congrats on your anniversary I'm glad you had a great time.


Carrie said...

UM, hello? Me the bigest party girl? This from the girl I have pictures to prove she can hang with the best. Hrmph! I think I'm insulted, but I think I will get over it. And um, kind of looking forward to seeing you in September?!?!?! Although now that I read the revenge thing, I'm thinking twice.

FYI- Aaron read this and is laughing. Thank god the party is on Thursday!