Monday, July 03, 2006

Houston, we have an internet connection.

I made it to Hamburg in one piece, although with the German driving the good car, was there any doubt? I am staying in the Altona part of the city. So far everything is good. My room is nice and clean in an old, interesting building and my flatmate is nice.

Today is the first day of the course. I am very excited. I figure that the stay won't be too bad. Last night the German and I had some pretty decent Thai food while watching a punk band / street preformer (who was also pretyy decent).

And, yes, I do have an internet connection in my room. However, it is a dial-up. Man is it slow! I am spoiled. I want my DSL! But at least I will be able to post regularly over the next few weeks.

Later 'Gators!


christina said...

Wheee! Hamburg is a cool city. We'll expect daily upsdates, of course. :-)

christina said...

updates, I mean.

Heather said...

yes, need some pictures as well..although with dial up that maybe too much to ask!

RE:Smart Car...we have a guy who drives one here at the University of Maryland..apparently they are on their way over...thought you'd like to know.

enjoy Hamburg!

hexe said...

My sympathy for the dial up. Since I left Florida three weeks ago, I have only had access to dial up and I miss my high speed connection:( Enjoy your time in Hamburg!