Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Independence Day

Day One of my training course was uneventful, but very long. I do not feel “pressure” in the way the tutors indicated, however I do feel very tired. The amount of information thrown at you can be a bit overwhelming. By the end of the day all I wanted was a cold beer and my daily soap.

But the room I am renting does not have a television. No TV during the week for the next four weeks! I feel like a junkie going through withdrawal.

Today is July 4th, which is significant in two respects. First, it is Independence Day in the U.S. No, not the really bad film with the very cute Will Smith, but the day American colonists said that they had had enough of British rule. I always loved the 4th of July; barbeques, fireworks, watermelon (okay, not so much the watermelon, I don’t like watermelon). Americans definitely know how to throw a party.

Today is also noteworthy because Germany will play Italy in the World Cup soccer semifinals. Will Germany’s dream run come to an end tonight? I hope not. The World Cup has put the entire country in a good mood, and I do not want that to end.

Luckily the directors of my training seminar recognize the importance of this event (the second event I mean; they are British and could care less about the first), and are letting us leave 15 minutes early tonight. I am not going to the public viewing places in Hamburg. Honestly, crowds that big make me nervous. There is a bar around the corner of the school I am attending, and I will head over there around 8pm. I will have digital camera in hand to document win or loss. I just hope I remember to use it!

So far the parts of Hamburg I have seen have been wonderful. Altona, Ottensen, and Eppendorf are really nice. I am reminded of all the things that I love about living in a city: public transportation, shops open later, a variety of food. But there are, of course, the things that I hate about city life: trash, crowds, people who walk their dogs but do not clean up after them. Seriously people, clean up after your dog!

Yesterday I saw an adorable Jack Russell terrier laying the middle of the pedestrian district. He was soaking up the rays and clearly did not care if he disturbed the humans on foot. Nope, he decided he wanted some sun and was going to enjoy life. I am sure there is a lesson for us in there somewhere.

I think may not be hip enough for my neighborhood. People here seem a bit more “arty.” They wear cool t-shirts with anti-establishment sayings and seem to walk to the beat of their own personal soundtrack. I tried being hip on for size when I was in college. It did not fit too well and I felt like a total poser. On the other hand, I do not think the people here notice me much, so I will try “Claire hippness” for awhile.

PS: I wrote this entire post in Word before connecting to the internet. Sniff. I miss my DSL.


The German said...

Yeap, German is on the road again and we try to kick Italy out of race! So far we can do it----
Yes hOney Hamburg seems to be a little bit mor cultural and Hmaburg is prob. a city if you want to get hip!
But Cloppenburg is a city you will be hip even if you wear rubbershoes! That makes things so much easier!
So I will surf a little bit with DSL and hope that your course was ok!
Go Germany goooooooooooooooo

The German said...

Ohh my God! So many mistakes!SH..!

Haddock said...

I believe the King of England wrote North America off as a tax loss to balance his books! :)

Only kidding! :)

Sad that Germmany went out to Italy. I was convinced that Germany would win the cup :(

Carrie said...

Ahhhhh- the 4th! It was a wonderful time here in the good 'ol USofA. We bought some "conflict" fireworks [that means we paid cash and took them out in a black bag], ate crabs and drank beer with my German relatives. (Yes, my cousin married a German too...fresh off the boat [25 years ago], so to say.) The water was 75 degrees F and the sky a bueatiful color blue and the sun blazing down to burn our skin....oh what fun!