Tuesday, August 15, 2006


I have spoken about Oma before. She is the German's 75 year-old grandmother and most DEFINITELY the head of the family. She has been battling cancer and things did not look good in June. The chemo had taken a lot out of her.

However, after a month of rest and good eating, I am happy to say that Oma is in good form. She came to my birthday on Saturday and the German's nephew on Sunday. Frankly, I think she is beautiful.


Dixie said...

I'm very happy to hear that Oma is doing well! She's lovely!

hexe said...

What a wonderful picture. Happy Belated Birthday!

The German said...

Grandma, the head of our family, that´s right. She celebrate her birthday always on a Saturday, or Sunday and all of the kids, Grandkids and grand-grandkids are coming- That means, there are only two excuses not to come........badly sickness or dead......so everybody shows up. Her sister, her brother......in addition around 25 people. Big Party...and we all hope, it will never end.....so long....The German

Lisa said...

And you would be correct. :)

Carol said...

Cancer DOES suck! But I'm glad to hear that Oma's doing well. I find myself posting a lot about my mom (who the whole family called "Omi"), her life and her struggle (which she eventually lost) with cancer.

Your Oma is absolutely beautiful.