Friday, August 18, 2006

The big day

My parents have arrived safely in Frankfurt. Well, I am assuming. I have not seen anything bad on the news. In a few hours we will go to Bremen to pick them up. I am so excited! And strangely, terribly nervous. I hardly slept last night. All I could think of is, "Are they okay? Did they have enough to eat? How is my mom's head cold?" I feel like they are the kid and I am the parent.

We are driving down to the Rheinland tomorrow to see the Lorelei. I thought my parents should see something very German.

See you Monday!

(I hope with pictures! Blogger is still acting up. Anyone know why?)


Dixie said...

Have a great visit with your folks!

Carol said...

Sometimes, out of the blue, my photos refuse to upload. Is that what you mean by "acting up"?

Have fun with your parents!


hexe said...

Have fun!

Anonymous said...

My Dear Claire, is it Monday yet??

Or is it still the weekend there?

Love, Grandpa

The Big Finn said...

You must be having one heckuva good time!