Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The Bigger Day

I am about to leave for the lawyer's office. Today the German and I are going to sign the contract to buy a house. All of a sudden I feel very grown up. I have to admit, I think being a grown up is highly overrated. When we were at the bank last week getting the loan (and yes, my income still does not count, but they gave us a good interest rate none the less), I noticed how much paper is work is involved in "being a grown up." Seriously, we have binders for our taxes and income, binders for the various kinds of insurance that we have, binders about car loans and student loans, binders for lists to buy more binders. It was enough to make me want to curl up into bed and take a nap.

When we are young (i.e. 16), we race towards our destiny, dying to be a grown up. It will be so great to be free! However, the older I get, the less free I feel. Because with this adult "freedom," comes responsibility. Sure, I know a lot of people who shirk major responsibilities and live footlose and free. I often envy these people.

But as I look at my house and the future it holds, it is not a bleak as I feel. There is the possiblity to make some thing mine. To have a safe place to go to after a long day. To know that I will always have a home and no longer be a nomad. That is nice. It makes it even better to know that I will always return to my home and see the German . . . hmm, maybe responsibility is not all that bad.


Anonymous said...

WOW ! Two posts in two days! I guess that's worth a comment. The bathroom post was rather humorous. Do they still have "uni-sex" rest rooms over there? That's something I couldn't get used to back in the old days.
The home buying blog brings on mixed emotions because it sounds so permanent.
I wish you the best in your new "grown-up" life!

Love, Grandpa

Carrie said...

You have some room to grow in the house, looks like. The bedroom looks like a log cabin you might find over here. Can "the German" stand up straight over to the side? The office looks like it's got a lot of natural light, which will be good b/c natural light promotes learning. Very cool!

Anonymous said...

Hey Claire, Congrats to you and the German on your purchase-looks beautiful. Very exciting to buy your own place and it gets better the more time you spend there and the more personal touches you add. I hope you guys have many happy years together there.
Take care X Eimear

Dixie said...

Congratulations on buying a new home. It looks like it'll be very comfortable!

Anonymous said...

Every window you look out of, you see more trees, it looks wonderful! Wishing you both many years of happiness. Cheers, B

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see a picture of your "new" house from the outsde.I imagine it is a two story house from the looks of the bedroom.
I haven't heard a word from Chuck and Pat in ages, did they get back home ok?

LOve, Grandpa

Lisa said...

It's beautiful, it's huge, and I envy you the windows in the bedroom, wow! Congrats to you and the German for setting down roots, Ms. Claire. :) It's a dream come true.

P.S. I forgive the sporadic posting. I know you must be very busy with the school and hosting the moms and dads.

Carol said...

It's a beautiful house, Claire! CONGRATS!

My blog hits must have decreased lately, too because I haven't had a single comment in three weeks!! (How do you keep track of hits?)

I wonder if your parents will move to Germany?! Would this be a good thing? They sound great!


christina said...

Whooo! Your new house looks wonderful - I know you'll love it.