Saturday, August 12, 2006

Birthday Rituals

Yesterday was my birthday. I have to be honest. I am not really fond of my birthday. It is usually forgotten and / or something bad happens. (This year something bad did happen, I learned that our family dog, Sadie, the dumbest and most lovable basset hound on the planet, died.)As a result I tend not to celebrate. However, in Germany, you are often forced to celebrate whether you want to or not.

If you work in an office, you are expected to bring in treats for your co-workers, and maybe even bring in some Sekt (sparkling wine). It is also fully expected that the family will be invited over for coffee and cake.

Today, my in-laws are coming over. Although I did not want to celebrate, I find myself facing 6 guests. I spent the entire morning cleaning my apartment and making cake. I know it is probably not nice to whine, but if I had said, "Nope. Claire's not celebrating her birthday this year," the entire family would have been offended.

To make matters worse, I found my first wrinkle last week. I was blowing out my hair when I noticed a small line under my eye. I looked closely. I am confident that the line is not there because of lack of sleep. These days I get about 6 to 7 hours of sleep. Nope, it was definitely my first wrinkle. I called out for the German.

He came into the room and looked at my distressed face. After I pointed out my wrinkle, he examined my face carefully. "Well, I think you have one there, too," and pointed to my neck. Needless to say, he ran out of the bedroom pretty quickly.


The German said...

Na so habe ich das mit den Falten auch nicht gemeint! Aber der Tag war trotzdem ganz brauchbar.

Anonymous said...

POOR BABY-- stop it, you are making me cry. By the time you catch up with me, birthdays will be a happy event. Then you can say-
WOW, I made another one!!

Love, Grandpa

Haddock said...

Sorry to hear about your family dog and that you didn't have such a nice birthday. I was ill for mine. August 11th is a bummer - btw we have the same birthday! :)

I have a few lines on my face as well, but they are not wrinkles, they are laughter lines, and these show that you are a happy smiley person! :)

J said...

Belated happy Bday!

EuroTrippen said...

I'm amazed at how many leo bloggers there are out there... seems we really DO crave attention. lol


Anonymous said...

Happy belated birthday, sweetie!

And viva la wrinkles! I have two faint ones from smiling so much. In fact, a friend who is my age has started getting botox. AT 30! It does freak me out a bit though in the morning. That is one good thing about being so blind. If I don't put on my glasses, I don't see my wrinkles!

I hope you had an amazing birthday!


Carrie said...

I didn't forgot, just don't have your number! My iPAQ dinged me! Can't wait to see you!

christina said...

Happy Belated Birthday!