Tuesday, August 15, 2006

From the Domestic Goddess Files II

First, let me say thanks for all the lovely birthday wishes. I complain a lot about my birthday, but in the end it is never as bad or as dramatic as I make it out to be. It is now even better now that I know that Haddock has the same birthday! (By the way, the Feastday of St. Clare is also August 11, but this has nothing to do with my name. I was named after my grandmother. However, it is an strange coincidence . . .)

Last week I got a lovely email from Grandpa (he who lives in the land o' cheese, i.e. Wisconsin), who wished me a happy birthday and speculated about why I am not posting more now that I am at home. One, perhaps nothing interesting is happening. Or two, perhaps I am very busy.

It is a combination of both really. There really is not much going on in C-burg. The heat finally let up and the rains came, so you know . . . your typical north German summer.

Also, business is going really well. You should check out our company website (warning, it is only in German). But I am also in the midst of preparing for the "Big Visit." Mom and Dad-squared land in Bremen on Friday. So I am trying desperately to get my house in shape.

I am taking a top-to-bottom approach. I started with my office - which frankly was a disaster. Because it is upstairs, we tend to just throw stuff up there when we have company. As result, stuff has piled up over the past year. I had papers from dissertation lying all over the floor. Last week, I cleaned it all up.

6 hours, a trip to Ikea, and 90 Euro later, I have a decent office. Behold the fruits of my labor.

Sure it does not look that impressive, but consider that a week ago all of those binders were on the floor! I believe there is a correlation between the number of binders you have and how smart you are. Wait . . . or is it how crazy you are? Now that I think about it, the number of binders only demonstrates that I cannot throw anything away!

If you look at the top picture, the shelf on the right contains binders only from my dissertation. Or as I like to call it, 6 years of my life that I will never get back.


Lisa said...

I likes the new office and the website rocks. Happy belated birthday wishes Ms. Claire!

Anonymous said...

Dude, that is A LOT of binders. You've inspired me to get off my ass and organize my office...someday :-)


Carrie said...

Yeah, so I used to have that many binders...WHEN i WAS TEACHING MIDDLE SCHOOL! Seriuosly, though, we should talk about letting go, just a bit. All of that paper really could go up in a flame that I'm sure Germany would talk about for years. The day the "crazy" American decided to reclaim those 6 years! I have "Burning down the house" in my head now....

Carrie said...

btw, can I get the English version of your website?