Tuesday, August 01, 2006

I'm baaaack!

Back in C-burg that is! And I am lovin' it!

I am loving that I don't have to take a 45 minute bus to work. I am loving that I don't have the homeless guy who drinks boxed wine from the PennyMarkt starring at my legs as I go to the bus station every morning. I am loving that I can walk from the bank, to the post, to my office, to the bakery, without having to start training for a marathon.

I'm tellin' ya, manure never smelled so good.

On the other hand . . . I am not really loving that there are only 3 bars open on a Saturday night, and they all close early! I am also not loving that C-burgers have not discovered the beauty that is iced coffee. Seriously, it is 96 degrees outside. Why would I want a hot beverage?

Hamburg was a beautiful city. I highly recommend it. The German and I had a lovely 2nd anniversary, even though there was no air conditioning. We went to a swimming pool in Kellinghusen / Eppendorf, and it was fab. We ate lots of food and did stupid tourist things, like visit the Hamburg Dungeon, which is not scary, but managed to creep me out, as I am a scaredy cat.

My course went really well. I have gotten the results yet though. One criticism that I kept getting was about my voice. Apparently, I . . . talk . . . too . . . slow . . . and enunciate too much. Who knew that proper speech would be harmful to my career as an ESL teacher? I have tried to speed up, but I grew up in the South. I cannot help myself.

Now it is time to go back to my "normal program." No more insane hours and the return of my DSL! I am going to go visit my blogger friends tomorrow. It is enough to make a girl giddy.


Haddock said...

Yeah it's alway good to get home. Glad you had a good time :)

hexe said...

Welcome home! Sorry about the iced coffee - guess you can't have everything! Although, more iced coffee might help speed up your speech - just a thought:)

Lisa said...

Oh you do not talk too slow. You were most likely perfect and they had to find one thing to pick on so they made this one up.

I'm glad you've been here as long as you have and are still doing stupid touristy things. Now I don't feel so bad.