Wednesday, September 06, 2006

I'm just here for the water

I made it! Why is it every time that I come back to the states, the first thing I notice is how big the cars are? Wait, probably because they are!

I landed in Dulles at 3:30pm and had a very smooth, fast time at immigration and customs. Mr. S picked me up from the airport and we made the 6 hour drive to Kill Devil Hills, NC. DC traffic was, well, DC traffic. Thankfully, it was not that bad.

On the way down we stopped in Richmond, VA at a BW Three, which is like TGIFriday: bar / restaurant food. We walked in and I immediately experienced culture shock. It was big and loud. There were 6 big screens with sports. Everyone was in t-shirts, jeans and baseball caps. As we sat down, I definitely felt overwhelmed.

The waitress came and I ordered a cheeseburger and water. She brought me a big glass of water with no bubbles! tons of ice! and a straw! The cheeseburger was thick and had a piece of pepper jack cheese. When the bill came, the burger was $4.50 and the water was free. Man, it is good to be home!

PS I tried on my matron-of-honor (thanks Christina, it does make me feel old!) dress. It is too big in the best, but I think we can pin it. It is actually a lovely blue color. Because the wedding is on the beach, we will all be in flip-flops.


Dixie said...

I have the same problem when I go back to the US. I look at the cars and not only marvel at how huge they are, I don't recognize any newer ones by sight. I'm constantly saying "What kind of car is that? It's enormous!".

I forget how huge glasses are in America. I've been here so long that when I order a large drink in the US it's like drinking out of a bucket. I love the ice though!

Carrie said...

Haha! You know you are loving it! You were very string not to get naked tonight...that's the good Claire I know. hehe!

Friday, though, I'm thinking naked time is a must!

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The Big Finn said...

Naked time??? I'll be back!

Anonymous said...

Claire - congrats on the house but what the hell is pepper jack cheese? Aoife