Friday, September 29, 2006

A Mental Health Day

Thanks so much for the people who sent such good vibes via the comments. I have noticed that I am not the only one feeling a little blue these days. I hope that my fellow bloggers and I stick it out. After all, we must be in good form for our meet up in November!

I decided to take my crazy married friend's (aka Carrie) advice and take a mental health day today. Okay, so I have to make a few phone calls and run to the post office, but I swear after that. I was thinking of vacuuming and making lunch for the German. It is a little weird. I am sitting here obsessing about all the things I should be doing. Too bad there are no day spas around here. I would love to go get a pedicure.

But you know what they say, when it rains, it f_ _ _ing pours. . .

Last night, C-burg opened its version of Oktoberfest - City Fest. (No kidding, that's what they call it). People come from kilometers around to stand around a listen to bad music (if I have to listen to "Country Roads Take Me Home" one more time, my ears may start bleeding) and drink beer. Good times. I went last night after teaching. I just had one beer, as I had Smarty with me and so had to drive home. The German was there, the New Yorker, Lawyer Guy, a few of my students . . . it was good. But after an hour the German and I wanted to go home. So we walked to the parking lot to my car (he had biked in).

I got into Smarty and the German biked away. I turned the key. . . Nothing.


The German raced back. "What?!"

I looked at him solemnly. "I think Smarty has died."

He got in and tried his best, but he could not bring Smarty back. Thank God, he was there. If I had been alone, I swear that I would have sat in the parking lot and just started crying. Instead, I just looked at him, smirked and said dryly, "So, I guess I know what we are doing when you get home from work tomorrow." Then we walked the few kilometers home.

Perhaps that is the key to getting through a funk, bad phase, depression . . . a support team. Sometimes it is your partner, sometimes co-workers, family or even fellow bloggers. It is good to know that you are not alone. That when you fall or feel low there are people around you to help you get up.

So now I am off to buy a battery for Smarty and maybe even a trashy tabloid magazine. Hey, its my mental health day and I'll do what I want!


Carol said...

Ah, how I loved those mental health days!!! Now that I'm contracting, I can't really take them anymore. Damn!

Oh wait -- I am being forced to go to Las Vegas with my daughter to pick up a car and drive it back to Seattle and I need to take 2 days off without pay for that, but Las Vegas can't possibly count as ANY sort of mental health, can it?!

Here's to a better day for you tomorrow!


Haddock said...

At least Werder won on Saturday! :) But you're right, lots of bloggers seem to have the blues lately. Maybe its the change of seasons. We'll all be alright by November! :)

J said...

I completely agree with your 2nd to last paragraph. I think I'm having trouble adjusting to there being less to do in the autumn than in the summer. My recent holiday did help, though.