Friday, September 01, 2006

The Rules

My last visitor from the U.S., "The World's Best Uncle," left yesterday. The German and I loved having visitors. It was so great to share our little part of the world, and I definitely saw a Cloppenburg in a different light as I was taking people around. In fact, the place almost smelled normal.

However, having visitors was a little stressful, so we developed a few rules for our next set of visitors. Well, not so much rules as tips and travel advisory.

1. It is probably best to come when the German and I are on vacation. Other wise you will be forced to watch me teach English or the German teach Excel. I am not sure which is worse.

2. Learning a few words of German can help. I translated almost an entire episode of my soap, Gute Zeiten, Schlechte Zeiten for my parents. It was then that I realized how very stupid German soaps are. ("Oh, that is Sandra. She has been kidnapped by her boyfriend's evil twin.")

3. It always rains here. There is never a good time of the year to come over. Just come over.

4. The German and I usually run out of ideas of things to do by the second day. It is good to bring a guide book. We are not that creative.

Anyway, I discovered a whole different set of rules this afternoon. I went to Oldenburg to have my hair done. As I walked through town I made the mistake of going into the "good" shoe store. I starred at a beautiful pair of Tod's heels (imagine the picture in black suede with blue trim; so yummy!). I salivated. I almost tried them on, but knew better. I turned and walked out to the store dejected. This was very hard form me. I like me some shoes.

New rule: don't go looking at shoes the same week you sign your mortgage papers.


J said...

Teaching excel definitely has to be worse than teaching English.

*lynne* (azlynne1972) said...

well my Swiss mother stuck in Malaysia since 1970 has ended up quite the expert unofficial tour guide of Kuala Lumpur, especially to all those Swiss relatives, and friends of friends of Swiss friends & family, who included Malaysia in their holiday itinerary precisely because a fellow Swiss was there... I imagine you'll be quite the tour guide soon enough... :-)

oh, btw, aren't *all* soaps stupid? teeheehehee! :-)

Dixie said...

I almost teased you for being a GZSZ fan but then I figured as someone who watches Sturm der Liebe on a semi-regular basis I should keep my yap shut. heh.