Monday, September 04, 2006

Up and away

In about 7 hours I have to get up and go to airport. I am VERY tired. I got up this morning at 6:30a.m. I am pretty sure that I got everything done, but I am not sure. I will probably remember tomorrow when I am somewhere over Ireland.

Where am I going? I am headin' home. Well to the U.S. anyway. My good friend is getting married Saturday, and I am to be the maid-of-honor. I was surprised when my crazy (in many ways) friend asked be to be in her wedding. Having someone living on another continent in your wedding creates all kinds of logistical problems. Let's just say we all have our fingers crossed that my dress fits.

The best part is that the wedding is in Kill Devil Hills, NC. I am dying to be on the east coast again. I will probably run into the Atlantic like a complete fool. The worst part is that the German cannot go. Imagine - his school director won't give him a week off after being back to work for only a week.

Anyway, although I will have internet access this week, I probably won't be posting. But you can bet your bottom dollar I will have a lot to say about being a bridesmaid when I get back!

Until then, visit some of my "friends."

Jen has resurfaced and posting again.

Christina is back on this side of the pond and making everyone jealous with her beautiful pictures of her Canadian vacation.

James was the American in Duesseldorf, but is now the American in Amsterdam.

Rich became a dad! Many congrats, R and A!

Hexe is stuggling with her transition back to work.

Carol is trying to sell her boat. I wish I could buy it, but I can't even buy shoes now!

See you soon!


Dixie said...

Have a safe trip! Hurry back!

J said...

Have tons of fun!

christina said...

Hope you have a great time. Please post pictures of yourself in poofy pink matron-of-honour (that's what they call it if you're married - way to make a person feel old, eh?) dress!! :-)

Lisa said...

Christina's motion seconded. With the addition of matching shiny pink shoes. :)

Anonymous said...

Kill Devil Hills is fabulous! I just hope you have a chance to relax and enjoy a vacation amongst all the festivities. And take pictures...especially if the dress is green silk taffeta! :-)

Carrie said...

I HAVE MUCH BETTER TASTE FOLKS!!!! We have "pool" blue tea length party dresses with Margaritaville flip flops....and an ocean back drop. And the water's been 70 degrees this week, so lots of fun!

Carol said...

Have a great time and do tell us allllll about it! A wedding on the beach sounds glorious!

When Laura, our exchange student, arrived in the US, free, non-bubbly water was her big thing too! She hated it and I bought her "spruedelwasser" for months. Then suddenly, she LIKED our water -- and now she writes from Germany saying she misses her constant water bottle companion!