Monday, September 11, 2006

The Wedding

The wedding is over. It was a very beautiful ceremony and I had a lovely time. It was a very long and a bit of a stressful week, but I am very happy that I came. I will post more about the trip later in the week, but tonight I am going to unwind before the long trip back to C-burg.

The best part of the week was the bachelorette party which can be summed up easily:

Singing I'm a little tea pot on the radio

Large, drunken sailors making passes at us girls

Loosing a part of the party due to "illness" at the bar

Asking a little person for his underware

Good times.

PS Yes, there was naked time, but I did not participate in that.


J said...

Sounds like a great time. Good to hear that it was worth the flight and stress.

christina said...

Ahh, I remember the days of large drunken sailors! Glad you had a fun time.

Carol said...

And what memories they'll be! Glad it was great!


Expat Traveler said...

sounds like a lot of fun to me! I'm in need of some bonding like that!

Carrie said...

"I'm a little tea pot short and is my handle, here is my.....

what are the words?????"