Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Just your typical Tuesday night

A conversation in our house last night:

(Claire is standing at the window upstairs. The clouds part and a beautiful 3/4 moon appears.)

Claire: Hey, sweetie, come over here and take a look at the moon with me.

(German walks over and put his arms around Claire.)

German: Wow, that is really beautiful. You know there is a rover up there.

Claire: Do you think that the U.S. really went to the moon?

German: If they didn't ,then I have a lot of respect for Americans on being able to fool everyone for so long.

Claire: Doesn't it blow your mind to think that we are looking back in time?

German: What do you mean?

Claire: Well, the stars are so far away that the light they sent millions of years ago is just now reaching us. That star (Claire points to random part of the sky) could actually be gone now.

German: Cool, huh? I saw a TV special yesterday that said that the universe began as a tiny grain of sand and that it exploded billions of years ago.

Claire: But if the universe started as sand, what was the sand in? I mean what surrounded it before that? There has to be more than the universe.

German: There may be up to 9 different dimensions. Perhaps the universe that we know is within one of those dimensions.

. . .
(long pause)
. . .

Claire: Honey, do these pants make me look fat?

German: Not in this dimension, baby.

Claire: Gee, you give the sweetest compliments.


Carrie said...

OMG! You guys are....actually, I'm not quite sure of the word...let's go with the word something for niw. Ya'll are something!

I'm sure your butt didn't look big.

Carol said...

Love this post, Claire! It's just... sweet! Do you guys converse in German or English?


christina said...

Bwaahahahah! You guys kill me! Thanks for the laugh.

Dixie said...

You have to love your love story!

J said...


jen said...

Hehe, that was an AWESOME story. i could totally see myself discuss the same thing with Jen :).

- Sparky

Mike B said...

Nice story ... I love the fact that you brought up the possibility of faked lunar landings, since it is usually my German friends who posit that it was all faked. As for the closing ...

jen said...

awesome. Sounds like a total sweetie.

And actually, Sparky, we did have that conversation and you called me a woo woo for even considering we hadn't gone to the moon.