Wednesday, October 25, 2006

My Civic Duty

No worries. Still alive here in C-burg. I think that if I go two weeks without posting, then you should start to worry. I have been pretty busy the past two weeks. The New Yorker is taking a small holiday in New York to visit her family, which means that I am pulling double duty in the office and lessons.

However, I did find time to do my civic duty last week. I voted . . . by mail. I have to give "mad props" (I hear that is what the kids say today; just trying to keep up with the lingo!) to the clerk's office in my district. The send me my request for a ballot for every election! They even sent me a reminder this time. Seriously, these guys are on the ball.

I cannot tell you how I voted because it is a secret. But I will tell you that the ballot did not include any hanging chads. If you decided to vote straight ticket, there were little pictures next to the party names to help you remember which party you like. For example, there were pictures of JFK and FDR next to the Dems and pictures of Lincoln and Regean next to the Republicans. I have to say . . . these pictures were scary! Lincoln's looked like a mug shot and FDR looked like he had had one too many at happy hour.

I took my ballot up to the post. It was in a large brown envelope. It cost 3 Euro to send! I started to chuckle. "Boy, voting sure has gotten expensive!"

PS I have actually not been over to My Euro-American Home in almost a week, but the German tells me that a lot of progress is being mad. I will stop by today for new pictures. Check them out tomorrow!

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Mike B said...

I am reminded of the old saying, "it's election day ... vote early ... and often." You only voted once ;~)