Monday, November 13, 2006

I have really great friends

This afternoon I came home from a meeting and was beginning to feel stressed about the English lessons that I had in the evening and the never ending cycle of laundry sitting in my bedroom. My landlord had put my mail on the stairs. On top was a small envelope from the U.S., from my crazy married friend.

I am always excited to get snail mail; any kind of mail actually. Inside was a small of book about finding serenity and inner peace and a small note, "Saw this at the bookstore and thought of you. Take care." I was moved to tears.

I opened my email and found an email from one of my favorite people, Ch-ard, the Peace Corps volunteer extrodinare. He is about to wrap up his two years of English teaching in Ukraine. I feel bad when I complain about my teaching load. He has to do the same thing, and usually without heat. He wrote just to say, "Hi."

I have really great friends. I have been venting and moaning a lot over the past few months ("No, Claire, really?"), and during that time I got a lot of supportive emails, SMS and comments. I thought that it was high time to say, "THANK YOU!" My love and support here in C-burg, in the States and around the blogosphere has helped keep a smile on my face.

I have some great blogger buddies. I looked at my webstats for the first time in months. My daily average had been about 45 visits a day. It had dropped to 25. Ouch. But those 25 of you keep coming back. I will try to pick up the pace! My fellow ex-pat bloggers are meeting in Bonn on Saturday and I am very jealous! I will be . . . wait for it . . . teaching. But I think I will teach a little bit about blogging and keep you all in my thoughts.

If you have a friend that you have not written in a while, send them a note. It will make their day. Trust me. Much love and groovy vibes from C-burg.


Carrie said...

Ahhhh...didn't mean to make you cry, but hey if it's a healthy release of stress, go for it!

Btw, I've got something else for you, but am working on finding the right box. haha! It's something for you and "the German". haha!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful surprise!

My daily visitors today was a whopping ZERO. I never thought I'd care so much about "being liked" -- even remotely!

I'm happy to see you posting again!