Thursday, November 09, 2006

Learning to Relax

This week I went from 52 hours of lessons to 8. On Sunday afternoon, I visited some friends and had coffee and cake and woke up Monday morning excited about the possibility of "free time" this week. My body has had other ideas . . .

At noon on Monday I was sitting in my pajamas in front of my computer working on lessons for that afternoon / evening. I had had a mild headache all morning, and then it turned ugly. I took one of the little pills that my doctor gave me. After about 30 minutes I could barely keep my eyes open and I quickly realized that I would NOT be able to drive a car, so for the first time, I called and cancelled a lesson. I would have felt bad, but I wound up asleep for the rest of the afternoon.

I realized this week that I need to learn how to relax. I spent Monday and Tuesday on meds fending off a migraine and cursing my body. I could not enjoy my first day off in a month. It sucked.

In an effort to be more "relaxed," I watched meaningless TV. I went to the market and spent 15 minutes trying to decide which eye cream to buy (which just made me feel old and not at all relaxed). I cooked for the German and cleaned the apartment (which caused my back to ache and I hit my head on the ceiling when pulling out the vacuum cleaner). Relaxing should not be this much work.

So I decided to engage in a little bit of retail therapy. What's the point in working like a maniac, if I cannot spend some money? So, I bought some new glasses today. They are very cool and totally different and say "Prada" on the side (which is neither here nor there, but worth mentioning because the Germans eyes almost popped out of his head when I told him). The German and I bought plane tickets to the U.S. for spring break next year. On Saturday we are going to buy a dining room table. Let me tell you, I am feeling better already.

PS: Dix, it is Richard Quest who yells. I cannot take that man before my morning coffee.

PSS: Thanks for all the supportive comments. It means a lot to me. Over the past two days I have visited some of my blogger buddies. It is so great to catch-up. I hope to "see" more of you soon!


Dixie said...

Ha!! I knew it was Richard Quest! That dude is always revved up like a squirrel on Pez!

Rest, rest, rest! Take advantage of this down time!

Carol said...

Glad to see you back!! (And I agree with you about Cooper...)


J. said...

Retail therapy is the best kind of therapy...And I, too, have a pair of Prada glasses. That I bought for 5 marks ($2, U.S.)I suspect they're not real. (Don't tell.)

Haddock said...

Richard Quest can be a bit hard to take at times. Have fun relaxing (shopping!) :)

christina said...

Richard Quest is just KRAZY. I like him when he does stuff other than the news 'cause he seems to calm down a bit.