Thursday, November 30, 2006

Small Victories

Sometimes, it is life's small victories that will make your day.

This morning I went into the office and found a fax printed out. I noticed however that only three of the seven pages had printed. Upon examination, I realized that the fax toner / cartridge was empty. This made me very nervous. Our fax machine is not very fancy. In fact, it uses one of those "carbon-paper-on-a-roll-cartridges" (I am sure there is a technical word. I have no idea what it is). I am not good with these type of things and the German has had to change the roll in the past. However, the fax was part of an important translation and I could not wait for the German to get home. I dragged out the manual and took a deep breath. Dude, I changed the toner in 5 minutes and did not even rip the carbon paper! I was bouncy for hours.

My biggest victory was actually on Sunday. As the family was sitting around the table enjoying Thanksgiving dinner, we were chatting about this and that. My mother-in-law mentioned that she saw a very interesting television report in which many common day myths were disproved. "Really, like what?" I asked.

"Well, it turns out that cold kidneys do not actually lead to an infection. Infections are caused by bacteria that has nothing to do with whether or not your kidneys are cold. It may not even be necessary to cover them up."

I smirked. Dude, I could have told you that. Wait . . . I already have. However, I am just an American and not as reliable a source as RTL. I figured it was best not to say anything and I just starred at my plate and basked in the glow of my victory, even if no one else knew about it.


Mike B said...

What scares me is when the local channels start running the documentaries about things like the US never really landed on the moon or Bush conspired to launch 911, because a lot of people here believe that stuff. But these, like the "Don't get cold or you will get a cold/flu/infection" are conversations I know I am never going to win even though I am right. Better to eat your ice cream and smirk, and when asked why you are smirking you can simply say you are savoring your ice.

ann_ona_moose said...

re: kidneys. Motorcycle riders wear a Nierengurt (sp??) here in Germany, which I initially thought was a form of protection in the event of an accident, but was later told had some kind of warming purpose.

Do they do this in the States/Canada/not-Germany? I don't know enough people with motorcycles.

Jul said...

If only RTL would show something that explained that moving air can't kill you, we'd be all set...

Es zieht! Es zieht!

Carrie said...

Wait, you have a fax machine that has the carbon roll- the thermal ones??? I didn't know they still made, that should be in a museum. Wait, you have a fax machine?

PS from Aaron...You have a fax machine?

heather said...

Ah! So this, THIS, is why my female work colleague wore a white t-shirt under every outfit from Nov. through Feb. And I had thought she was merely quirky or perhaps allergic to wool. Will be curious to compare how many t-shirts will be missing this winter.

Anonymous said...

Smart move. It is always a good call not to say "I told you so" to the mother-in-law!