Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Claire's Christmas List

The Christmas holidays are just around the corner. I know this because German radio stations have played Wham’s “Last Christmas” so many times, that if I hear it one more time, I think my ears will start to bleed.

I have not done any of my Christmas shopping, so it is time to get serious! Time to pull out the German’s credit card and surf the Internet.

I was talking with Mom on the phone last night and she asked me what I want. I was not sure, so I decided to make a Christmas wish list. This list is to help my parental units and the German, as I am pretty sure that he has not gotten me anything yet and I do not want to chance opening a vacuum cleaner on Dec. 25. (I must give the German a little credit, he already knows that if you can plug it in or use it in the kitchen, then it is not an appropriate Christmas present.)

For those who are interested, I think that the list is a little more insight into me.

Claire’s Christmas Wish List (Click on the links. They take your right to a picture of the item.)

Jem T-Shirt (pink, Jr. XL) (It is in stock! Run now!)


Martini and Rossi Poster for my dining room


The First Season of Charmed (It’s a guilty pleasure. You know I have never seen the first episode. I cannot play DVD’s from the U.S. here in Germany! Any order would have to be from amazon.de. )


Perfume: Pure Poison by Dior (Those who know me will be shocked to read this. I have used only one perfume since I was 16: Beautiful by Estee Lauder. However, I am ready for a change and a friend of mine wears this and it is divine.)

Perfume Emporium.com

The New John Grisham Novel (also a guilty pleasure)


Amy Sedaris’s Book: “Hospitality Under the Influence” (Sounds like my kind of hospitality!)


Banana Republic Fitted Blouse (Ice Blue, L) (Because a gal can never have too many fitted blouses. There is actually a great skirt at this site, but I don’t buy pants or skirts on the Internet. Too risky.)

Banana Republic

Hoop Necklace (Because a gal can never have enough jewelry.)

Banana Republic

And, finally, and most important, I wish there were more people in the world like this.


Anonymous said...

OH, OH, it's too bad that I finnished my Christmas Shopping many years ago, and vowed never again. But I'm sure sonebody will come through for you!

Love, Grandpa

Anonymous said...

Yeah this is where things get weird...
* I'm looking at my bottle of Pure Poison right now. I bought it because I loved the smell but on me it was too strong. So now it sits.
* I bought the Charmed dvds a month ago. So worth it! And I think you can stream them from your computer should you need a more immediate fix.
* The Amy Sedaris book is all kinds of fabulous. In fact, I had a dinner party with two coworkers based on the book. Or rather Alison did. I made crafts and she cooked. If you get the book you MUST do the same :-)
* I just was given that exact necklace by a friend. You'll love it. Goes with everything from jeans to skirts!

Damn I feel like I should pack this stuff and send it to you. We both must have excellent taste :-)


sharon said...

Every year at this time "Last Christmas" appears on the German charts because enough Germans evidently believe it's a Christmas song, which it obviously isn't. They just don't get past the first line.
It's the same with "It never rains in Southern California", which every German can quote but never seems to understand what "it pours" means.
That's why English teachers are so important! ;-)

Mike B said...

Yeah, as if it weren't bad enough that my ears were bleeding, my german friends, who were shocked that I had never seen the video to that old chestnut, decided to play it for me ... yes, there are people who have that video at hand. Poke my eyes out, please.