Thursday, December 07, 2006

It's my Blog-Anniversary

Well, actually, yesterday was my one year blog-anniversary. However, the German and I decided to drink wine and watch TV together, so this post is a little late. Oh well.

I began blogging a year ago, for several reasons. The most important is that the Internet has turned into the primary way that I keep in touch with my family. If I don't post for more than a week I always get emails from mom and Grandpa wondering what's up. My family knows more about me now than they ever wanted to know.

However, after reading about other blogs, I thought that this might be my one way to get my creative juices flowing. It has and I have actually started a book. Well, drafted an outline for a book and written the first chapter. Unfortunately the creative part of the blog has taken the back seat over the past few months. Just no time.

Now it is time to take stock. It has been a very busy year. It started in December / January with my wild two week trip with the German through America. In February I discovered that you can buy almost anything in the Internet, except a t-shirt that I covet.

In March, I started my own business and discovered the expat blogger community, which has been very nice to me. In April I participated in the Lost Blogs Project and thought about building a house. In May, I had the perfect day, followed by the longest day. I also took a trip to Poland . In June I worked too much, but the World Cup soccer tournament helped assimilate me into Germany

In July I went to Hamburg to become a better teacher . In August my parents came to visit and I bought a house. In September I watched my crazy friend get married and I started working too much (a trend that has not yet ended). In October I quit my job at the university. In November I took a few mental health days and cooked one kick ass Thanksgiving dinner.

Wow, I get tired just thinking of all these things. A look at My-EuroAmerican Life by the numbers:

13,820 Total Page Visits
43 Visits Per Day (I peaked in April/May and it has been downhill since)
162 Posts
1 Additional Blog (dude I have new pictures of the house and will finally update that page on Sunday!)
Wrinkles discovered: 1

Cast of Characters at My EuroAmerican Life:

The German: my wonderful husband
Oma: the German's Grandmother
Dad-squared: my step-father
The New Yorker: my business partner
My Crazy Married Friend: Carrie, college buddy
My Crazy Single Friend: Aoife, Irish buddy
Chard: Peace Corps volunteer and supportive friend
Media Man and Lawyer Guy: people I share office space with

If you are new to the blog, welcome. If you are a regular reader, then you must be my grandfather. Thanks for the love and support everyone. I appreciate it.


Dixie said...

Happy Blogiversary! It's been a pleasure to read here! :)

christina said...

Happy One Year! I was lucky enough to meet you in person so I know how cool you are - keep up the good work.

Carol said...

Happy anniversary!! I'm now fully addicted to blogging and expect to see a one year anniversary next July!


Haddock said...

Happy Blogiversary! doesn't time fly when you are having fun! :)

hexe said...

Happy Anniversary! It is amazing how fast a year passes. My first is coming up this spring and I although my posts are more sporatic I'm going to make it!

Expat Traveler said...

happy blog anniversary :)