Friday, January 05, 2007

A Little Sick . . . In the Head

I really like my doctor. He is kind and friendly and always remembers my name (probably because I am his only American patient). Unfortunately he is very difficult to get hold of. Yesterday I had to call three times to make an appointment. One time the receptionist picked up the phone and hung it up without saying hello; to make it stop ringing I guess. Can you imagine!? Dude, I am privately insured, and in Germany that means something.

Anyway, after waiting 45 minutes for my appointment today, I finally got to see my doctor.

I told him that I had a little cough. How long? Um, about a week. Fever? Well, just a small one, 37.5, but that was only Sunday and Monday. Other symptoms? Well, I can barely swallow at night and my ears and neck hurt a little. Have you taken anything? Um, cough drops, cough syrup, special tea, Vick's rub, aspirin.

He gave me the look over the glasses that I usually reserve for students who have not done their homework. Dude, I am sorry. I thought it was just a cold.

He looked down my throat and made a face. "Well that doesn't look very good at all!"

Diagnosis: bronchitis and strep-throat. Damn, I was one sinus infection away from the winter flu trifecta. I don't get sick often, but when I do I go all out.

He gave me two kinds of very strong antibiotics and an inhaler. Sadly, I cannot figure out how to work the inhaler and the German went to a Bachelor Party, so I will stick to the antibiotics for the night. Go news, I don't have to go paint the hallway tomorrow.

The only bad thing is . . . other than being and idiot and refusing to go to the doctor. . . I am bored. REALLY bored. The German is not here to entertain me and I already watched several seasons of Sex and the City and Charmed. I may have to run to the store. I could work on my English lessons for next week. . . but I am not that sick.

A Foto for Friday: Our new front door.


Dixie said...

Yikes! Sorry you're so sick but at least you got the right stuff to cure you.

Get some rest! Feel better soon!

hexe said...

Sorry you are sick and bored. If you would like to borrow a five year old with allergies and a two year with an ear infection to relieve your boredom, I'll ship them right over :) Feel better soon!

christina said...

Ooh, strep throat is so awful. You take it easy and finish all the antibiotics up. And get LOTS of rest. These things can have complications if you overtax your immune system.

Hope you feel better really soon!

Carrie said...

Well, glad to hear that doctors there are as bad as doctors here. Some things aren't so different, huh?

EuroTrippen said...

Wow, you managed to score antibiotics?? I had my eardrum burst from a complicated, yucky cold that resulted in bronchitis and I still had to beg for penicillin!

Anonymous said...

OK, already. It's almost half-past January. You must be better by now. How about some more news! Did the big move take place? Or perhaps you didn't enen survive your illnes. But even then I could have found that out from " the German ". By the way, I still do e-mail. [hint- hint]

Love, Grandpa