Monday, February 26, 2007

Let's Review

Yes, it has been almost two weeks since my last post. No, my house is not that big. Things picked up at the office last week (we have new classes starting). There are definitely some events to catch up on.


The German and I got a new "house-mate." Ch-ard, Peace Corps volunteer extraordinaire, has come to stay.

Ch-ard is the only person who has taken me up on my job offer. He needs a job between his service and grad school in August. I told him that he could stay at my house and teach English for my company. He actually said yes. The German and I spent a hectic five days trying to finish the guest room before he got here on Feb. 15. The "guest room" had been the "I-don't-know-where-to-put-all-this-junk-so-I-will-just-dump-it-here-room." Fortunately everything worked out.

It really is great to have someone else in the house. He helps with the dishes and cleaning and forces the German and I to speak more English. All in all, a very good thing.

Dancing . . . in Wildeshausen?

After a very LONG week full of appointments, Ch-ard, the New Yorker and I went dancing last Saturday. Well, we went to something like a dance club. Unfortunately the music was . . . um . . . inconsistent. How does a DJ make the shift from Madonna to La-bamba to the Backstreet Boys? We also had to literally wait an hour to get our cocktails. However, the three of us are experienced enough that we had wine at home before leaving. It was a lot of fun, but I there were a few moments of culture shock (mostly due to the music).

The German did not go dancing. The club we went to is frequented by a "younger" set and he was afraid that he might run into some of his students.

The Mysterious Sofa

My mysterious sofa has finally made an appearance. Last Monday the furniture store called and said that our living room set would be delivered on Thursday. I was very excited. I wanted to be home for the arrival, but I had to work. Luckily, Ch-ard was home. What follows is a report by Ch-ard.

"So, they were a little early coming. They said between 1pm and 3pm, but they rang the doorbell at noon. I let them in and told them were everything was to go. The chair came in and I thought it was nice.

Then they brought in the love seat. Also not bad.

But then they brought in a few pillows and I got confused. And then they brought in the sofa.

Seriously, Claire, I started to question your taste."

I was in the middle of an English lesson when the German called and informed me that they furniture store had delivered the wrong sofa. I was . . . not happy. Later that afternoon I taught my classes how to write complaint letters.

The German called the furniture company to find out what is going on. Turns out that they ordered the correct one, but the manufacturer delivered the wrong one.

A very confused Claire: "And what - they didn't check it?? Did they not notice a beige chair and beige love seat and then a RUST colored sofa?? So they just passed on the wrong delivery to us and did not think that we would notice."

They did say that we can keep the rust colored one until my real one comes . . . in EIGHT WEEKS!! Seriously, I could have gotten pregnant and given birth in the time that it takes them to get this order correctly. I am not sure if I want the rust colored sofa in my house. It mocks me.

Germany Wins

Yes, I did stay up until 6:15am this morning watching the Academy Awards. I don't know why I bothered this year. They were kind of boring in my opinion. And I actually like these things, so for me to say that, well, that is saying something. Forest Whitaker's acceptance speech did make me cry. But then again, it was 6:00am by then.

Almost all of my predictions were correct, except Best Foreign Language Film. My money was on Mexico's Pan's Labyrinth, even if I was rooting for the German submission, The Lives of Others. The Lives of Others was pretty popular here and gotten great reviews. When it actually won, I was totally shocked. And from the shrieks of the director, I was not the only one.

At one point, I was completely offended for my adopted home. There was this silly collage / homage to the winners of the best foreign language film winners of the past. Germany's Niergendwo in Afrika, which won in 2003, was not shown!! Germany has been nominated four times in the last five years (2003: Niergendwo in Afrika, 2005: Downfall, 2006: Sopfie Scholl the Final Days, 2007: The Lives of Others), and won twice (2003, 2007). German cinema . . . not so bad.


Dixie said...

But they did show in the foreign film piece a couple snips from Die Blechtrommel - a fabulous movie. Gawd, I coudln't stand Niergendwo in Afrika. Bored me to death. Das Leben der Anderen is very good.

Boy...I'd be so irked at that furniture store. You'd think they'd check the orders better than that.

Anonymous said...

After my last comment, I better respond in some way to your latest entry.

What's wrong with mixed colors?? After all, variety is the spice of life. In my living room are two chais and a sofa. all three pieces are differant colors. But then, what do I know?


Anonymous said...

I suppose you're wondering what the hell are chais?? They are mis-spelled chairs, of course.

still Grandpa

The German said...

Hi Grandpa!
I just read your response! I think two diffrent kinds of sofas ar not so bad, but you should really take a look in the livingroom. It matches eachother like Vanillaice with ketchup. Both taste great, but together-------????
How is it going in Wisconsin. I have heard you get snow?
We are in the 50 and the weather is not that bad!
Hope we will see you soon!
The German ( Kraut)

kim said...

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Carrie said...

You know, I think I can hear the sofa mocking you- I think I hear it saying "This wouldn't have happened in the States- at least I'm not baby puke green." Of course you could have a little fun and put the rust sofa againt the blue wall and watch the in-laws talk dirty about it...haha, that would be worth the time. Seriously though they should give you some money back for the issue.

Mike B said...

OK, now I live in fear ... The Partnerin and I found a nice sofa last week. It was in stock, but since we move to the new place in two weeks, we opted to have it delivered there and then. Now I realize I have given them two weeks to give our sofa to someone else ... ughhh!